ITV This Morning fans 'check it's not April 1' as bizarre segments leave them baffled

Publication Date14 January 2022
Publication titleMyLondon (England)
Fans were subjected to an interview with a woman who has married the colour pink after a 40 year relationship and also an interview with a woman dressed as a sanitary towel

They were initially left in stitches as Dermot O'Leary and Josie Gibson who is filling in for Alison Hammond today interviewed West Hollywood based Kitten.

She is known as 'the pinkest person in the world' and became known in 2018 for having spent over £1 million on her pink home and wardrobe.

Kitten took her obsession to the extreme and has now tied the knot with the colour.

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Kitten said she fell in love with pink as she has had a spiritual connection with the colour since 1980.

She said: "I felt like I found myself with pink. I do whatever I want in pink and just have fun with it.

"I transformed my whole life to be pink."

She has been in a relationship with the colour for four decades.

The interview on This Morning took Twitter by storm and viewers were quick to share their thoughts on the woman's crazy wedding.

One said: "Thought This Morning was maybe a bit of a spoof show today, but actually, maybe it's what I needed. In such miserable times, why not marry your fave colour or dress up in bright colours as household items! Be more spoof, eccentric and be happy!"

Another quipped: "She didn't know dogs are colour blind... bet the dog's glad it is."

One tweeted: "I've seen some crazy Americans on this show but I think this tops it."

Another japed: "I can see why Alison took the day off today #This Morning."

Later in the show viewers were also equally bewildered by a woman who was dressed as a sanitary towel.

"I thought I was done today when we had a woman who married the...

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