Jenkins Community Releases Fifth Annual Devops and Jenkins Community Survey.


78% of respondents are now using cloud services to host Jenkins; 87% of survey responders use Jenkins Pipeline to define software delivery pipelines; containers come on strong in 2018, with Kubernetes usage rising 235%.

The Jenkins project, comprised of a community of practitioners using Jenkins, today announced results from its fifth annual DevOps and Jenkins Community Survey, sponsored by CloudBees. With five years of research and more than 5,000 historical survey respondents, the results reveal key trends among the Jenkins community, including the technology environments they use, practices they are adopting and DevOps maturity levels within organizations.

The results this year continue to show an increase of Jenkins usage within organizations, with 36% of respondents having more than 50+ projects in their organization using Jenkins. The importance of continuous delivery (CD) in DevOps is still a key trend. In fact, 67% of this year's 1,076 survey respondents stated they are practicing DevOps and 50% are practicing CD. Both of these stats are up strongly over 2017 at 47% and 38%, respectively. While CD adoption is increasing, respondents are still struggling to scale the practices organization-wide, with only 18% responding that they practice CD across the entire organization, a small improvement over the 12% responding to the same question last year. However, CD adoption numbers are greater this year for those using CD in one to a few workgroups at 35%, versus 25% in the 2017 survey.

Notable statistics from users responding to the DevOps and Jenkins Community Survey include:

* Cloud adoption has grown significantly. This year, fully 78% are hosting Jenkins on some form of cloud. Last year, only 62% indicated the use of cloud for hosting Jenkins.

* 67% stated they actively work at an organization that practices DevOps; an increase from last year's 47%.

* 87% of those surveyed that are practicing CD use Jenkins Pipeline to define software delivery pipelines. Metrics tracked by the community support this strong adoption, showing an increase of 308% in the number of pipeline jobs defined from the period October 31, 2017 October 31, 2018. In total, as of October 31, 2018, there were 4,645,982 Jenkins Pipeline jobs defined.

* 65% are using container technology, with Kubernetes usage growing 235% versus the 2017 survey results.

* The gap still needs to be closed between software delivery, security and governance. 95% of survey takers are...

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