Judgment for claimant (in default)

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterCivil forms
Judgment for claimant
(in default)
How to pay
Payment(s) must be made to the person named at the address for payment,
giving the claimant’s reference and claim number
DO NOT bring or send payments to the court - they will not be accepted
You should allow at least 4 days for your payment to reach the claimant or his
Make sure that you keep records and can account for all payments made. Proof
may be required if there is any disagreement. It is not safe to send cash unless
you use registered post
Leaf‌lets on registered judgments, how to pay and what to do if you cannot pay
are available from the court
If judgment is for £5,000 or more, or is in respect of a debt which attracts contractual
or statutory interest for late payment, the claimant may be entitled to further interest.
Address for payment
It is therefore ordered that you must pay the claimant £
of judgment] and £ for costs [less £
for debt [and interest to date
which you have already paid]
You must pay to the claimant a total of £
[by instalments of £ per [week][month]
[the f‌irst payment to reach the claimant] by
If you ignore this order your goods may be removed and sold, or other enforcement proceedings may be taken against you.
If this happens further costs will be added. If your circumstances change and you cannot pay, ask at the court off‌ice what you
can do.
You have not replied to the claim form.
To the Defendant
The court off‌ice at
is open between 10 am and 4 pm Monday to Friday. When corresponding with the court, please address forms or letters to the Court Manager and quote the claim number.
[and on or before this date each [week][month]
until the debt has been paid]
N30 Judgment for claimant (in default) (04.06)
Notes for the defendant
If you did reply to the claim form and believe judgment has been entered
wrongly in default, you may apply to the court ofce giving your reasons why
the judgment should be set aside. An application form is available for you to
use and you will need to pay a fee. A hearing may be arranged and you will be
told when and where it will take place. If you live in, or carry on business in,
another court’s area, the claim may be transferred to that court.
To [Claimant] [Defendant] [’s Solicitor]
Name of court Claim No.
Name of Claimant (including ref.)
Name of Defendant (including ref.)
Defendant's date of birth
Details of this judgment will be entered in a public register, the Register of
Judgments, Orders and Fines. They will then be passed to credit reference agencies,
who will supply them to credit grantors and others seeking information on your
nancial standing. This will make it difcult for you to get credit. A list of credit
reference agencies is available from Registry Trust Ltd, 173/175 Cleveland Street,
London, W1T 6QR. If you pay in full within one month, you can ask the court to
cancel the entry on the Register. You will need to give the court proof of payment.
If you also want a Certicate of Cancellation from court, from the court, there is a
fee for this. If you pay the debt in full after one month, you can ask the court to mark
the entry as satised and, for a fee, obtain a Certicate of Satisfaction to prove that
the debt has been paid.
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