Keeping found things found. Challenges and usefulness of personal information management among academicians

Publication Date12 Nov 2018
AuthorNosheen Fatima Warraich,Irfan Ali,Shazia Yasmeen
SubjectLibrary & information science,Librarianship/library management,Library & information services
Keeping found things found
Challenges and usefulness of personal
information management
among academicians
Nosheen Fatima Warraich and Irfan Ali
Department of Information Management,
University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan, and
Shazia Yasmeen
University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan
Purpose This study aims to investigate the usefulness and challenges of personal digital information
management(PDIM) as perceived by engineering faculty members.
Design/methodology/approach Quantitative research strategy based on survey design was used
to collect data through structured questionnaire. Simple random sampling technique was applied to
obtain a representative sample from faculty members of University of Engineering and Technology,
Findings Findings indicate that facultymembers understand the usefulness of PDIM practices for their
teaching and learning. They opined that these practices improve their performance along with effective
utilization of resources. PDIM practices save their time, energy and money. Nevertheless,they have to face
challenges in managing theirpersonal information in digital format including technologyobsolescence, bulk
of incoming emails, predictionof future value of information, information fragmentationand memory load in
remembering the locationof information. It is also noted that PDIM practices are equally useful for both male
and female facultymembers. However, female faculty membershave to face more PDIM challenges than male
Practical implications Overall, ndings of the study reveal that there are benetsof PDIM and it is
useful for faculty members with certain challenges. This study identied ve major challenges. All these
challenges were from technological and cognitive psychologydomain. It is noted that assessing future value
of informationplays important role in overall process of PDIM.
Originality/value The present study would be valuableaddition in literature and it would be helpful in
devising information literacyinstructions programs in academic libraries. This study would also helpful for
improving quality servicesfor teaching as required by Pakistan Engineering Council. Findingsof this study
would helpful for system engineers, softwaredevelopers and system librarians in designing and developing
personalinformation management systems in Pakistan.
Keywords Perceived usefulness, Information fragmentation, Challenges of PDIM,
Engineering faculty, Memory load, Pakistan University, Personal digital information management
Paper type Research paper
Growth of digital contents in the form of websites, databases, repositories and social media
expanded the horizons of information landscape. Information explosion, technological
advancements and use of digital technologyin teaching and learning make the management
of facultys personal information more challenging than ever before. They need to manage
Received16 July 2018
Revised8 September 2018
16September 2018
Accepted16 September 2018
Informationand Learning Science
Vol.119 No. 12, 2018
pp. 712-720
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DOI 10.1108/ILS-07-2018-0064
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