Kev era love is all gone

Publication Date09 January 2022
Publication titlePeople, The
Back then the nation loved the mid-Nineties Geordies for their attacking football, goal-scoring swagger and ability to punch the established elite on the nose

That's a scenario the new Saudi owners want to recreate. They may get there one day on the pitch, just give it a few years, hundreds of millions spent, and this current relegation scare negotiated.

But the new Newcastle will never spark the kind of love Keegan (above) and his title challengers bathed in. Or Sir Bobby Robson's third placed Champions League finishers.

The past 100 days has shown the antipathy nationwide for the Newcastle "project".

First the blocking of new sponsorship deals, then the rule change meaning only "market value" deals can be struck to stop quick-fix cash being poured in by the Saudis.

And last week one decent signing in Kieran Trippier provoked bitterness. Only there for the cash. Mockery at swapping Madrid for Tyneside. From Champions League to relegation fight.

Newcastle United are relevant again...

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