Land Registration Rules, 1925, Dated NOVEMBER 3, 1925, Made by the LORD CHANCELLOR UNDER SECTION 144 OF THE LAND REGISTRATION ACT, 1925 (15 & 16 GEO. 5. C. 21).

1925 No. 1093 (L. 28)


(2) Under Land Registration Act, 1925

(i) Rules


[These Rules (S.R. & O. 1925, p. 717) are printed as amended by Rules, dated March 26, 1930 (S.R. & O. 1930 No. 211, p. 167 below).]



1. Interpretation.



2. Parts of Register and title number.

3. Property Register.

4. Additions to and removals from Register.

5. Leasehold land, rentcharges and land subject thereto.

6. Proprietorship Register.

7. Charges Register.

8. Index Map and Parcels Index.

9. Index of Proprietors' names.

10. Pending applications.

11. Minor Interests Index.

12. Documents open to inspection.

13. Correction of Register.

14. Registration in error.

15. Production of Certificates.

16. Cancellation of determined entries.

17. New editions of the Register.

18. Registration under one or more numbers.



General Provisions

19. Form of Application.

20. Documents to be delivered with application for first registration.

21. Lease and certified copy to accompany application.

22. Registration of a nominee.

23. Foreshore.

24. Application book.

25. Examination of title by Registrar.

26. Reference to special conveyancing or other counsel.

27. Searches and enquiries by the Registrar.

28. Modifications of examinations of title by Registrar.

29. Certificate by a solicitor as to title on first registration.

30. Certificate by a solicitor as to title on conversion.

31. Advertisements.

32. Contents of advertisements.

33. Advertisements, when dispensed with.

34. Objections to registration.

35. Hearing of objections.

36. Provisional possessory registration.

37. Prima facie evidence on first registration.

38. Marking of Deeds in possessory titles.

39. Restraint on alienation.

40. Entry of incumbrances in the Register.

41. Adverse easements.

42. Completion of registration.

43. Registration of land in Middlesex and Yorkshire.

Leasehold Land

44. Registration of and dealings with underleases.

45. Lease containing prohibition against alienation without licence.

46. Notice of lease.

47. Lease and reversionary lease.

Conversion of Possessory into Absolute or Good Leasehold Title

48. Application for conversion under Subsections (3) (b) and (4) of Section 77 of the Act.

49. Application for conversion otherwise than above.

Manors, Advowsons, Rents, Tithe rentcharges and other Incorporeal Hereditaments, Mines and Minerals severed from the Land, Cellars, Flats and similar Hereditaments

50. Registration of incorporeal hereditaments.

51. Registration of a manor.

52. Registration of a rent, etc.

53. Registration of mines and minerals.

54. Registration of a flat, tunnel, etc.

55. Notices on registration of special hereditaments.

Settled Land

56. Settled land, restriction required.

57. Principle governing restrictions.

58. Forms of restrictions applicable to settled land.

59. Settlement may be filed.

Land held for Charitable Uses

60. Persons to be registered as proprietors of land held for charitable uses which is subject to the jurisdiction of the Charity Commissioners or Board of Education.

61. Procedure in cases where it is doubtful whether the land is subject to the jurisdiction of the Charity Commissioners or Board of Education.

62. Certificate as to jurisdiction.

Small Holdings

63. Registration under Small Holdings Acts, 1908 to 1919.

Cautions against Entry of Land on the Register

64. Form of caution against first registration.

65. Cautions against registration of manors, etc.

66. Form of statutory declaration.

67. Period for objections.

68. Withdrawal of caution.

69. Consent by cautioner.

70. Inspection of cautions.

Priority Notices against First Registration

71. Form and effect of Priority Notices against first registration.

Dealings prior to Registration

72. Dealings by persons having right to apply for first registration.

73. Effect of dealings prior to first registration.



As to Registered Dispositions Generally

(i) Form

74. Forms to be used.

75. Instruments where no form is prescribed.

76. Implied covenants.

77. Special provisions as to implied covenants.

78. Power for Registrar to decline to enter improper forms.

79. Identification of specific parts dealt with.

80. Particular forms prescribed by statute for corporations, etc.

81. Instruments by persons entitled to be registered as proprietor.

(ii) Execution and Attestation

82. Instruments executed by attorney.

(iii) Registration

83. Delivery of applications at the Registry.

84. Priority of applications.

85. Date of delivery of applications.

86. Alterations in instruments after delivery.

87. Instruments affecting two or more titles.

88. Priority Notices against dealings.

89. Notice to be sent to proprietors.

90. Retention of documents in Registry.

91. Endorsement of registration with lessor.

92. Return of Building Society charges after registration.

93. Endorsement of Certificate of Registration on Building Society charges.

(iv) Stamp Duty

94. Stamping of deeds off the Register.

95. Questions as to sufficiency of stamp.

(v) Deeds and Instruments off the Register

96. Certificate as to the necessity of deeds off the Register.

97. Minor interests in mortgage debts.

Transfers of Land

98. Form of transfer.

99. Transfer of land into settlement.

100. Registered land brought into settlement.

101. Land bought with capital money.

102. Transfer to statutory owners.

103. Creation of interests affecting settled land in priority to the settlement.

104. Duty to apply for restrictions when land is settled.

105. Discharge from liability in respect of minor interests under a settlement.

106. Release of land from minor interests under a settlement.

107. Transfer of land in consideration of a rent.

108. Separate title for proprietor of a rent.

109. Implied covenants on a transfer of freehold land subject to a rent.

110. Covenants for indemnity.

111. Transfers excepting minerals.

112. Transfers of minerals.

113. Instruments transferring mines and minerals apart from the surface and vice versa, granting rentcharges or leases, etc.

114. Sale by chargee.

115. Transfer of leasehold land.

116. Disposition of leasehold land subject to a rent.

117. Variation of implied covenants.

118. Transfer for a small holding.

119. Transfer not for a small holding.

120. Sales under Section 12 of the Small Holdings Act, 1908.

121. Transfer to a company or other corporation.

122. Transfer for charitable uses.

123. Transfers when necessary to comply with law of mortmain or charitable uses.

124. Declaration of a charitable trust of registered land.

125. Entry of incumbent on a transfer to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners.

126. Entry of incumbent upon creation of a new parish.

127. Entry of Ecclesiastical Commissioners, etc., as proprietor.

128. Registration of Official Trustee of Charity Lands.

129. Managing trustees may register an address for service.

130. Certificate by Charity Commissioners or Board of Education certifying names of trustees may be accepted by Registrar.

131. Where power of disposing of registered land has become vested in some person other than the proprietor.

132. Power of majority of trustees of a charity to transfer or charge whether registered as proprietors or not.

133. Registration of a personal representative, etc., under Section 92 of the Act.

134. Registration of trustees for sale under Section 94 of the Act.

135. Transfer imposing restrictive covenants.

136. Transfer by way of exchange.

137. Exchanges under an award.

138. Provisional registration.


139. Form of charge.

140. Charge negativing or modifying implied covenants.

141. Effect on powers, of the registration of a charge.

142. Charges to secure an annuity or further advances.

143. Charges by purchaser of a small holding.

144. Charge under Section 90 of the Act (settled land).

145. Certificate of registration under Companies Acts.

146. Mortgage debt held in shares.

147. Entry to be made in Register on foreclosure.

148. Effect of dispositions by proprietor of a charge.

149. Declaration by the proprietor of a charge who has acquired title by possession.

150. Alteration of terms of a registered charge.

151. Discharge of a registered charge.

152. Discharge of a Building, Friendly or Industrial and Provident Society mortgage.

153. Transfer of a charge.

154. Consolidation of charges.

155. Land charges when registered as charges.

156. Notice of priority for any subsequent charge made for giving effect to a minor interest.

157. Claim that a charge has statutory priority.

158. Determination by Registrar of a claim to statutory priorities of a charge.

159. Paramount interests and provisional registration.

Adaptation to Incumbrances prior to Registration and to Sub-mortgages of the provisions of the Act with regard to Charges

160. Registration of proprietor of incumbrances prior to first registration of land.

161. Dispositions of incumbrances.

162. Form of dispositions.

163. Subcharges.

164. Dispositions of sub-charges.

165. Production of certificate on registration.

166. Form of certificates of incumbrance and sub-charge.

Transfer and Discharge

167. Form of transfer and discharge.

Transmissions of Land and Charges

(i) On death

168. Registration of a personal representative.

169. Registration of an additional executor.

170. Transfer, etc., by personal representative.

171. Minorities.

172. Death of a joint proprietor.

173. Death of Official Receiver or trustee in bankruptcy.

(ii) On Bankruptcy or Liquidation

174. Registration of Official Receiver.

175. Registration of trustee in bankruptcy in place of Official Receiver.

176. Original registration of trustee in bankruptcy.

177. Words added in Register.

178. Registration of a trustee under a scheme of arrangement.

179. Creditor's notice.

180. Bankruptcy...

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