Lease of Exeter Castle Act 1710

JurisdictionUK Non-devolved
Anno Regni ANN, Regin nono. AnAct to enable her Majesty to grant the Site of the Castle ofExon (Parcel of her Dutchy of Cornwall ) for ninety-nine Years, for the Use and Benefit of the County of Devon . The Queen, & c. may by Letters Patent grant the Site of the Castle of Exon , for the Term of ninety-nine Years, to some Person appointed by the Quarter-Sessions of the County of Devon , for the Use of the said County, & c. The Interest of the Justices to the Herbage, & c. shall cease on the making such Grant; and the antient yearly Rent of 10 l. shall be reserved in the said Grant payable to the Crown. Saving to all Persons, other than the Crown and Dukes of Cornwall , all...

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