Legal Aid / Legal Aid Agency assessment certificate in Family Proceedings where a fixed fee is payable

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterCourt costs forms
Legal aid/Legal Aid Agency
assessment certicate in xed
fee cases
The costs in this matter have been assessed as set out in boxes A, B and C below and are
claimed from Civil Legal Aid.
The costs are those of the Applicant Respondent
They were assessed in the High Court Family Court/County Court
Signed Dated / /
EX80B Legal aid/Legal Aid Agency assessment certicate (04.14) © Crown copyright 2014
Name of court in which costs assessed
Claim/Case no.
Certificate no.(s)
Solicitor’s ref.
Number of clients represented
In which region are you based? North South Midlands Wales London
If Care Proceedings, which client
did you represent? Child Parent Joined Party
If PFLRS, which levels are being
claimed? Level 3 Level 4 Enforcement
The case concluded
before a/in the
High Court Judge/
High Court
District Judge or Circuit
Judge/County Court
Standard fee applicable to case £
Is this an escape case? Yes No
Name of applicant
Name of respondent
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