Letter from the Editor

AuthorShukri Shahizam
PositionEditor-in-Chief 2018/19
Letter from the Editor
On behalf of the Editorial Board, I am proud to present the fourth
volume of the LSE Law Review.
Now in our fourth year of publication, t he LSE Law Review has come
far from its origins. The 2018/19 academic year has seen significant changes to
the way the Review is run and published. Building on the solid foundations laid
by past editors, we have been able dedicate the year to broader issues relating to
the Review’s place within its community. To further our aims of accessibility and
inclusivity, we began both the LSE Law Review Blog and seminars programme.
Similarly, in order to improve the consistency of our output, we moved to a bi-
annual publication schedule, with issues published digitally during the winter and
in print during the spring.
For the first time, we also had a Summer Editorial Board which allowed
for students interested in joining the term-time Board to wade their feet in a more
relaxed environment. It proved to be a huge success, with almost all summer
Board members continuing into the academic year and becoming vital m embers
of their respective teams.
Of course, this was only possible due to the efforts and accumulated
knowledge of past boards. Student-run law journals are peculiar in many senses,
but the most significant when it comes to year-to-year administration is the
transience of the body running it. This y ear, we made a conscious effort to
increase our lo ng-term sustainability that regard by increasing the number of
Junior Editors on the Board to give more first-year students the opportunity to
participate in the Review’s work.

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