Letters Patent Act 1571

JurisdictionUK Non-devolved
  • all and everye Patentee and Patentees, theyr Heyres Successors Executors and Assignes, and all and everie other person and persons havyng, by or from them or any of them or under theyr Title, any Estate or Interest of in or to any Lands Tenements or Heredytaments or any other Thynge whatsoever, to suche Patentee or Patentees heretofore graunted by any Letters Patentes, either of the moste famos Prynces Kyng Henry Theight, Kynge Edward the Syxt, Queene Mary, Kyng Phillip and Queene Marye, or by any of them, or by the Queenes most excellent Majesty that nowe is, at any tyme sythence the Fourth Day of February in the xxvij yere of the Raigne of our said late Kynge Henry the Eight, or els by the Queenes Majesty that nowe is, her Heyres or Successors, at any tyme hereafter to be graunted, shall and maye at all tymes hereafter, in any of the Queenes Hyghnesse Courtes, her Heryes or Successours, and elswhere by thaucthoritie of this present Acte, make and convey and be alowed and suffered to make and convey, to and for hym them and every of themselves, such Claim or Title by way of Declaration Playnt Avowrye Barr Replication or other Pleadinge whatsoever, aswell agaynste the Queenes Hyghnesse, her Heyres & Successours and every of them, as agaynst all and every other person and persons whatsoever, for or concerning the Landes Tenements Hereditamentes or other Thinges whatsoever specified or contayned in any suche Letters Patentes, or of for or concerninge any parte or parcell thereof, by shewinge foorth an Exemplification or Constat, under...
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