Library eArchiving with ZONTAL Space and the Allotrope Data Format

Publication Date15 January 2020
Date15 January 2020
AuthorDennis Della Corte,Wolfgang Colsman,Ben Welker,Brian Rennick
SubjectLibrary & information science,Librarianship/library management,Library technology,Records management & preservation,Information repositories
Library eArchiving with ZONTAL
Space and the Allotrope
Data Format
Dennis Della Corte
Department of Physics and Astronomy, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, USA
Wolfgang Colsman
Zontal, inc, Provo, Utah, USA, and
Ben Welker and Brian Rennick
Library Department, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, USA
Purpose The purpose of this technicalpaper is to evaluate the emerging standard Allotrope Data Format
(ADF)in the context of digital preservation at a major US academic library hosted at Brigham Young
University. In combination with the new information management system ZONTAL Space (ZS), archiving
with the ADFis compared with currently used systems CONTENTdmand ROSETTA.
Design/methodology/approach The approach is a workow-basedcomparison in terms of usability,
functionality and reliability of the systems. Current workows are replaced by optimized target processes,
which limit the number of involvedparties and process steps. The connectors or manual solutionsbetween
the current workow steps are replaced with automatic functions inside of ZS. Reporting functionalities
inside of ZS areused to track system and le lifecycle to ensure stability and data preservation.
Findings The authors nd that the target processes leveraging ZS drastically reduce complexity
compared to current workows. Archiving with the ADF is found to decrease integration complexity and
provide a more robust data migrationpath for the future. The possibility to enrich data automaticallywith
metadata and to store this information alongside the content in the same information package increases
reusabilityof the data.
Research limitations/implications The practical implications of this worksuggest the arrival of a
new information management system that can potentially revolutionize the archiving landscape within
libraries. Beyond the scope of the initialproof of concept, the potential for the system can be seen to replace
existing data management tools and provide access to new data analytics applications, like smart
Originality/value The value of this studyis a systematic introduction of ZS and the ADF, two emerging
solutions from the PharmaceuticalIndustry, to the broader audience of digital preservation expertswithin US
libraries. The authors considerthe exchange of best practices and solutions betweenindustries to be of high
value to the communities.
Keywords Digitization, Data preservation, Digital archiving, OAIS, Allotrope, ZONTAL space
Paper type Technical paper
1. Introduction
Today, most industries are feeling the pressure to digitize their data and their processes
(Kagermann, 2015). Despite the broad impact of advances in technology, it is still quite
common that similar solutionsare developed either in parallel or subsequentlyin orthogonal
Funding research: States in separate document for double blind peer review.
space and the
Allotrope Data
Received27 September 2019
Revised31 October 2019
Accepted7 December 2019
DigitalLibrary Perspectives
Vol.36 No. 1, 2020
pp. 69-77
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DOI 10.1108/DLP-09-2019-0036
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