Lichfield Turnpike Roads (Warwickshire, Staffordshire) Act 1832

Publication Date:January 01, 1832
Lichfield Turnpike Roads (Warwickshire, Staffordshire) Act 1832

(2 & 3 Will. 4) c. lxxi

An Act for more effectually repairing the First District of the Road from Coleshill, through the City of Lichfield and the Town of Stone, to the End of the County of Stafford in the Road leading towards Chester, and several other Roads in the Counties of Warwick and Stafford, and City and County of the City of Lichfield.

[01 June 1832]

ANNO SECUNDO GULLELMI IV REGIS. CapAxxi. Aji Act for more effectually repairing the First District of the Road from Coleshill, through the City of Lichfield and the Town of Stone, to the End of the County of Stafford in the Road leading towards Chester, and several other Roads in the Counties of Warwick and Stafford, and City and County of the City of Lichfield. [1st June 1832.] W HEREAS by an Act passed in the Twenty-ninth Year of the Reign of His late Majesty King George the Third, intituled-^71 Act for enlarging the Terms of Three Acts 29G.3. c.83. made in the Second, Seventeenth, and Twenty-eighth Years of His late Majesty, for repairing the Roads from Coleshill, through the City of Lichfield and the Town of Stone, to the End of the County of Stafford in the Road leading, towards Chester, and several other Roads in the said Acts mentioned, in the Counties of Warwick and Stafford, and City and County of the City of Lichfield, and for making more effectual Provision for repairing and widening the said Roads, and other Roads therein mentioned, in the said County ^Stafford, it is among other Things enacted, that the Profits arising and the Tolls to be collected at all and every the Turnpike, and Turnpikes erected or to be erected on thesaid Hoad between the said Town of ColeshiU and the End of the, said £ Local] 17 Q County 1534 2GULIELMI IV. Ce^lxxi. County of Stafford in the. Turnpike Roaditow'ards:Cfe5fer;should?-be applied for and- towards the Repair of the ; Roads-: lying within*-that District or Division only; and that the Prpfitsyarisingland the;Tolls to jb'e' collected at any Turnpike or Turnpikeserected or-to be erected on the Roads leading from JBurion-upon-Trent to Wood, iEnd, and: to the great Turnpike Road leading towards Shrewsbury i andJGhester aforesaid, near the Sign of ..the Sun in;th!e .Parish5 ;of Norton, should be applied for or towards? the Repair of the Roadj lying with in that District or Divisioi},;or some bf 'the:said :last-mentip,n£d Roads^only ; and';th:atrtlie..Profits prising #oirilail-the,vrons4oibetcollected:!at-any Turnpike 6t;TurnpikesiLere2ted;oE; tp-bC^erected'up^ndthebRoads frojm the Guide aVostjjnitFwtkdrbed:Lane whichr:.divides4the. Courity of ^SMffQrd^&ovcLith!e jGg^nfepfs the,.,G.ity; of Lichfield, to': and?-,from :%emalssL,anepM High MwMgeMsBd 'dt'dwall "Bridge^aforesaid; should :bje^appliedffi r£0ritp,W;a£ds3fthe Repair of the- Roads lyin within that fPjsJjficJt SB&Piyi$pjib^ whereas .by tlfeiito^^Tlfil^feeW^^^^i^*^ of. the Reign-of; His late 34G.3.c.S3.i^M|^estya^irig 'j&eMg&4hlM$ird, intituled An Actvto cohtinw. the £epm and: id^j'v0^^^figQrSM^Q^)ers--qfjan. Act of4he Twenty-ninth ^'ear^ofitJ^isx^^ ;for .enlargingthe Terms of .several 4^\foK:kepiTing\tJief-?Mfla^s.fromi^.o\sh^: Kthtotfgh;the City ^.Lich field M$$fe ^Stafford in tjie Roq^ilea^ing^tpwards;,Chesteri and several other Roads in the said Acts;m"e3itiowed,{in\tfa and Stafford* and City and County of the pityo£L'ichfieJd,,it-'was among other Things enacted, that.fromarid, after the Firstpayof jitfie 'One thousand eight hundred andJ^pUrteen the said Road: from CoZe$M/, through Lichfield',and the !T^J^;df-MQWgift0 i(;He End of -the County of Stafford in -the Roads towards '.Chester* aforesaid? nshould .be^and the same was thereby deQlaredjtpsib^iidivided 'into Twp^sgparate. and distinct Districts; the fir^t of which ishpuld "epm'prise the! said Road from Coleshith through .House at MvereJPn galled ithe MedLioM Mini and should be called the ^.Tlfst T^iJs,ric1;4*,':apdhl!;he.i,SecoiiH. 'bf.'w-fit-icTi Districts should;comprise theSReniaindfer of the/said^Rpadi'r'p;ni.-.-.the End of ;the said Parish of Longdon hear /the aforesaid Public House at Brereton called the.Red Lion-Inn,^throughiiS^nejtP^he End of the County of Stafford, iri the Road heading tow^ be called the'" Second District; '^'and that .the;several Tolls which shouldarise or be pro-Aucedv within; ieach i'of J|the rsaid/jDistriGts 'respectively after- the saijdriFirst P.ayoX£ttw£',One;^ should ..'be 'and/the: satoe wer^ vested .in the fteSpectivei Trutees".;cpntintfe"d;sOri^.-apip;oi^tted:^y*^ot',^y/'vi'rlue.'}0f the\. said-, recited'. Act, jan'd %tm .Successorsv.sfbr the*Time;"being respectively, of or for the Pistfiots or R.bad|i'respectively vtfherein'vor iri respect thereof' the said Tolls; should ^arise for Jbe- i^oduced,. upon Such Trysts* nevertheless* and;"tp fbYrand'=^ an'diPurposes, as-ih the said'thereinirec^ fcively were mentioned and*. d&ectedjVafld^injdfelif.ay'ijjg''; thfej-Ekpences pf: erecting, ,a^ repairing, widening^ alteriiig,i:Jturrji^in'g^Ka^d,'fk^eping^ ..seyeraLRoads in: the said respective ^Districts pivDivisipnstherein or on accountiwHereof SucK'iEblfsvsh'ould^eplcp and of Executing cxeeutitig-.t^e^her ,$frthe;!saiUiredffied Act and1 of thai Aicfc '^ithin andjw ej^ifeiOnto,SMieh Disti^ctfe or Divisions ffiespeetively^attd jfco ho ..other-. Uge or Purpose whatsoever:-. Aaad whereas the Trustees appointed by or iji-piir"sjjswcei:f thie ssaid recited Act of he Fifty-fourth ,Year iof the Reign iof His :said iate Majesty King George the Third have made great Progress in repairing the Roads cohi-prised in the said First District of Road from Coleshill, through the City of LieJvfield and the Town of Stone,?-.?to the End of the County -of'Stafford in the 'Road leading towards .Chester-, and the several .other Roads in the said -Acts Mentioned, &ndihiave bor-rowed -a large Su of Money on the Credittxaf-Jbhe Tolls arising dn the Road from Featherbed Lane to' oxall Bridget and JEiigfis Bridges, which still remains dae and owing; sand (there jmwafin'due&Wd owing sey,ei'al large Spasof Money which -had: ibeen- foorrowed on the Credit, of the Tolls arising from the other Roads in "-the saiid AiGts mentioned previously t/qthe passing of .the'edid last-recited Act y and the -said Roads^annot he emVctuaU^amendedi'^al.te'redj'Widehed, ifli-proyed and kept in repair;, ,ahd theiMdniesuboraowed oWfthe Credit'of the said'Tolls be repaid, unless the Term granted by thVsaid recited Act'of the Fifty^bur/th Year of the Reign'bf'His fete Majesty King George the Third be "further extended, -.and tfhe' Powers thereof altered and enlarged, and the Toils payable under the^id Act fre increased: And whereas it will fee ihighly ^advantageous to the Public if various ne\v Lines and Improvements .of *the isaid Rbads"*be effected: May it therefore please .Your'Majesty that it onay'be enacted ; and be it enacted by the King's snost Excellent Majesty, by and with the. Advice and Consent of the Lords'Spii'itual and Temporal, and Comrnons, in this present Parliament assembled, and 'by the'Authority of the same, -That fronv and -after th.6: Thirty- Recited first Dayof May One thousand eight hltrndred .and'%hiky-two the Acts repeal-said recited Acts of the Twenty-ninth' and Sifty-fowth Years -of edso far as the Reign of .His late Majesty King George tlietThird, sb far'as the SStSi* same relate to the said' "First Distwct 'ofRoaid, and #ie saido'ther trict. Roads therein mentioned except' thelsaid S^eeand .Dis'tifet, thiM "be and the'Same are hereby respectively repealed* II. And be it further enacted; Thatdnstead thereof this Act 'shall, This Act to on the First Day of June One thousand eight hundred, and thirty-two, le executed commence and take effect .arid be put in execution*for and during ^ereor the Term herein-after mentioned, for the Purpose of m'o^e effectually repairing, amending,,widening, altering, impirovirtg, and beeping *in repair the said First .District of Road extending from'Gole&hitltiithe County of'Warwick, and through the Citysof Lichfield, totfhe End at' the .Parish of Longdon near to a Public House at - Brereton) in- the County of'Stafford called /the- Bed'Lion Inn, "and the said several other .Roads mentioned or comprised in the Said recited Acts, extending Ibm Burton-Upon-Trent in ?the: County of Stafford aforesaid to theHSaid ;City of Lichfield, .and from'{hence to ^ndthr6ug*h Woodehdm the 'Parish of ShemtoneXn the 'County of Stafford aforesaid, and. frp'm Lichfield aforesaid to and through Ogley May'tp^the Turnpike -Road-, leading towards the To^n of Shr&wsbuPy* ahd the City of Chester at6r near the Sim 'Public House in the Paris%'of Norton, under)Canftoe/c in the said C&unty ctf^Sfr£^&^(?, and als6 fi'om the 1536 r GULIELMl IV. % *lxxi. thfe Guide Post at the South-western Entrance into Featherbed Lane which*, divides the County of Stafford 'from'the County of the City of Lichfield,-, to ;.and through; Tewnals Lane, to High Bridges; and Yoxall-Bridgein the said County of Stafford; and all which said several Roads shall-be henceforth called and known by the Name of *\ Tke.LicJtfield Turnpike Roads." Trustees III. And be it further enacted* That all His Majesty's Justices of nominated. ;the Peace for the Time .being, acting for the County iof Stafford and the. County ofh Warwick:respectively, togetherwith Sir George Anson Baronet, the Honourable George :4nson, John Atkinson, John Garnet Atkinson, Hugh DykeAcland, Charles Arkwright^ Ar-den,.Samuel Bradbume, the Reverend Hugh Bailye,JdhnBreynton, George Blount, , the Reverend Thomas ? Bradbume, William Guest Bird, the Reverend Ley Brooks, .Thomas Birch, John Bradbume, Michael Bass,......-- Blurton, Edward Bond, Thomas John Birch, Henry Chinn, Thomas,Butler Chinn, Sir:George Chetwynd Baronet^ Hugo .Malveysin Chadwick, William- Digby Clerk, John JDavies, George Dodson, William Dyott, Robert Waring?;.Darwin, John Philip Dyott, Richard .Dyott, John Evans, -the...

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