Limerick Bridge and Floating Dock Act 1823

Publication Date:January 01, 1823
Limerick Bridge and Floating Dock Act 1823

(4 Geo. 4) c. xciv

An Act for the Erection of a Bridge across the River Shannon, and of a Floating Dock to accommodate sharp Vessels frequenting the Port of Limerick.

[17 June 1823]

ANNO QUARTO GEORGII IV. REGIS. Cap.xciv. An Act for the Erection of a Bridge across the River Shannon, and of a Floating Dock to accom modate sharp Vessels frequenting the Port of Limerick. [17th June 1823.] W HEREAS the City of Limerick and the Wealth and Impor tance thereof, and of the Liberties thereof, are, by the Exten sion of Commerce, considerably increased, and are likely to increase: And whereas there is no direct Communication or Passage from the West Side of the Liberties of the said City, and from the Coun ties of Clare and Galway into the said City, for. Goods, Cattle, Carriages, or Travellers, except by one very old and narrow Bridge called Thomond Bridge, which is inconveniently remote from the new and trading Parts of the City : And whereas it is desirable that a new Bridge should be erected over the River Shannon from Shore to Shore within the said City or adjoining thereto, and within the Suburbs thereof, and that the Passage of Ships and Boats above and below the said Bridge should be provided for by a Canal or Still Water Navigation on the Southern Side of the said River Shannon : And whereas by reason of the Shallowness of the present Port of Limerick at low Water such Vessels as are of a sharp Form or Copper Bottomed, commonly .used in the Trade of the Atlantic, cannot now safely be brought to the Quays of the City: And whereas by the Still Water Navigation aforesaid, without which the said Bridge could not be erected or built with Convenience to the Trade of the said Cityj and the Construction of a Floating Dock for Shipping of the aforesaid [Local.Ji 24 D Description, 2130 4GEORGII IV. Cap.xcW. Description, the Trade of the said City will be greatly facilitated, and the Commerce thereof* greatly augmented : And whereas the Citizens and Inhabitants of the said City have agreed on the Scite herein-after directed and described for the Erection of the said intended Bridge: And whereas it would be highly beneficial to the Inhabitants of the said City and the Liberties thereof, and of the Counties of Limerick and Clare, if the said intended Bridge, Canal or Still Water Navigation, and Floating Dock should be built and constructed in Manner herein-after mentioned, but the same cannot be effected without the Aid and Authority of Parliament: May it therefore please Your Majesty that it may be enacted ; and be it enacted by the King's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled; and by the Authority of the same, That Appointing the Right Honourable William Vesey Fitzgerald, Sir Edward O'Brien Comrois- Baronet, the Honourable RichardFitzgibbon, Standish 0' Grady the younger, fiTin0' TItomas Spring Rice, Bolton Waller, Thomas Fitzgibbon the elder, Joseph Bridge, &c. Massey Harvey, Richard Bourke, George Gough the younger, John Kelly, Edward Croker, William Gabbett, Thomas Roche, William Roche, John Vereker, John Mark, William Monsell the younger, Thomas Gibbon Fitz-gibbon, John Browne, John M'Namara, John Hartigan, Daniel Leahy, Joseph Gabbett,. William Howley, Ralph Westropp, Richard Kenny, Robert O'Callaghan Newenham, Michael Furnell, John Berrott, Edward Villiers, John Connell, Robert Maunsell the elder, Martin Creagh, James Fisher, John Staunton, John Green, John Norris Russell, Michael Ryan, Daniel Gabbett, Martin Arthur, Michael Gayin William White, John Stephenson, Reuben Harvey, Stephen Dickson, Daniel Barrington, and Robert Keane Charles, and their Successors, to be elected in Manner herein-after mentioned, shall be and they are hereby appointed Commissioners for the Execution of this Act, with full Power and Authority for designing, making, erecting, and building One Sforie Bridge with One or more Swivel Bridge- or Draw Bridge or Bridges therein or adjoining thereto, pver the said River Shannon below the said Bridge called Thomond Bridge, and within the-Liberties of the said City, and also to carry into effect a Canal or. Still Water Navigation on the Southern Side of the said River within the Liberties of the said City, and to apply such Navigation or any Part thereof to the-Purposes of a Floating-Dock or Floating Docks, by the Erection of such Piers, Quays, Gates, Walls, and other Erections and Buildings, as ;shall be requisite for that Purpose,' and the said Bridge shall be built over the said River Shannon from the Bank on the South East Side of the, said River, adjoining or near to the End of Brunswick Street in the Parish of Saint Michael in the Suburbs of the. said City, to, the North Strand on the opposite Side of the said River; and it shall be lawful, to and for the said Commissioners and their Successors to design, assign, lay out, and appoint in what Manner, of what Dimensions, and in what precise Scite, conformably to the above Directions, such Bridge shall be built, and from Time to Time to design, assign, and lay out such Canal or Still Water Navigation and Floating Dock or Docks upon such Plans and of such Dimensions respectively, as the said Commissioners, shall think proper, adjoining or near to the said Bridge in such Places as they shall think proper: Provided always, that the Plans for: the Erection of the said Bridge and of the said Floating Docks as connected with the said Bridge and Canal or Still Water Navigation, shall be transmitted by the Commissioners for the Execution of this Act to the Commissioners ap- 6 pointed 4QE0RGII IV. Cap.xciv. 2131 pointed in Ireland for carrying into Execution art Act made in the Fifty-seventh Year of the Reign of His late Majesty King George the Thirdj intituled An Act to authorize the Issue of Exchequer Bills* and the Advance of Money out of the Consolidated Fund to a limited Amount, for the carrying, on of Public Works and Fisheries in the United Kingdom s and Employment of the Poor in Great Britain, in Manner therein,mentioned) and the several. Acts for amending the same; and that such Plans shall .be approved of by the. Commissioners for the Execution of the said Acts, in Ireland before the said Commissioners shall be, authorized,to make ariy Advance of, Money, to the Commissioners under this. Act. . JL. And. be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful for ,the said Com7 Power to missioners* at their First Meeting to be held as herein directed, or at.auylaPPoinj:'Jcl* subsequent Meeting to be held for that. Purpose (of which subsequent ^iss^ers.1* Meeting and of the Purpose whereof Ten Days Notice shall be given in the Newspapers published in the said City of Limerick\ to elect and appoint .any:Number of Persons, not exceeding Ten in the Whoje, to,be Commissioners for executing this Act, in addition to the Commissioners, hereby appointed ; and such Commissioners so to be elected) and appointed,, shall be and are hereby invested with the same Powers and Authorities for executing this Act as. if they had.been; named and, appointed by. this Act, , ,111. And further enacted,,That from and after the passing of .this Commi-Aet, the Commissioners for the Purposes of .this Act shall be One Body. be^Body Corporate, by the Nafne of The Limerfck Bridge Commissioners ; and that. Corporate. when any One or more of the said Persons in this Act mentioned by Name as* Commissioners, or any Person or Persons to be hereafter elected* shall die.-or cease t,o be a Commissioner, then.and in every such Case iti shall and may be lawful,to and for the Commissioners for the Time,being,, at any Meeting for the,Purposes of this Act, to elect andappoint any fit Persgn,oE Persons; to be a Commissioner or Commissioners in the,Place;: of any such Person,or Persons so then deceased,, or ceasing to be a Commissioner, so as. to keep the Number of Commissioners equal to theNumber, appointed by this Act, or as near thereto as shall be judged expedient j and such Commissioners shall have One Common Seal, and shall and may sue and be sued in all.Courts of Law or Equity in' any Cause or Causes, or Suitor Suits, by or against them* and may take any.Securities upon any Contracts by them for any Purposes authorized by this Act, by, and in the said Corporate Name as aforesaid, in order to the more, effectually carrying this Act into Execution. IV.. And be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful for the Goramis" Meetings of sioners for the Execution, of this Act*.from Time to Time arid at all Times Gommis-hereafter, to. meet and assemble whensoever and wheresoever within- the sloners* said City of Limerickthey may think proper for any of the Purposes in this Act; and that unless otherwise specially provided, all Powers and Authorities, by this Act granted to the said Commissioners; shall and may be. exercised by the major. Part of the Commissioners who shall attend at any Meeting, to beholden in.pursuance of this Act,.the whole Number of the Commissioners, present at such* Meeting not being less thaij Seven ; and all the Acts, Orders, and Proceedingsfof the major Part of such Commissioners present,at any such Meeting for any Purpose whatsoever, shall have 2132 Books to be kept. Powers of Commissioners to give Orders for Expences, and to appoint Officers. 4 GEORGII IV. Cap.xciv. have the same Force and Effect as if the same were made or done by all the said Commissioners for the Time being; and at every Meeting of the said Commissioners a Chairman shall and may be appointed; and when and as often as it shall happen that there shall be an Equality of Votes on any Question, including the Vote of the Chairman, then and in every such Case the Chairman shall have and he is hereby empowered to give One additional decisive or casting Vote: Provided nevertheless, that if such Chairman so appointed shall leave or quit such...

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