Linux to be clear winner in OS server stakes.

Position:IT Notes

`Server Operating Systems -Winners & Losers in the Open/Proprietary OS Market' presents a detailed analysis of 11 key server operating systems, identified by Butler Group analysts, in the form of a technology audit. Each audit details the strengths and weaknesses of the vendors and distributors, products and strategies.


IT managers have rarely taken a decision to purchase a specific operating system as this has traditionally been secondary to the business application. However, this has often led to companies compromising on functionality and unnecessarily increasing the total cost of ownership.

According to the report, total cost of ownership should be an important selection criterion, since many of the costs are hidden, including not only the purchase or acquisition costs, but also the resultant operational costs for deployment, maintenance and support. Butler Group predicts that as more of the independent Software Vendors are certifying their applications for the Open Source Linux operating system, IT managers will have less need to compromise on standards and will potentially have greater control at the selection process.

The Report predicts that the winners in the long term will be Linux and .Net, with the open source offering penetrating the...

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