Liverpool Overhead Railway Act 1899

Cited as:1899 c. clv
Jurisdiction:UK Non-devolved

Liverpool Overhead Railway Act 1899

(62 & 63 Vict.) c. clv

An Act to empower the Liverpool Overhead Railway Company to take on lease certain authorised tramways in the districts of Waterloo-with-Seaforth and Great Crosby to authorise the construction of additional tramways and for other purposes

[1st August 1899]

C62 & 63 VICT.] Liveipool Overhead Railiony Act, 1899. [Ch. clv.] CHAPTER clv. An Act to einpo\\-er the Liveq)ool O\-erhe:~d Railway AD. I___ 199% Coin1)aiij- to taltc oil lease certaiii autliorisetl t raiiin-ays iii tlie tlistrict s of VT`:~terloo-\~itll-~e~fort~l mid Great Crosby to ;iutliorise the cwiistructioii of xlditional tr:iiiiways niicl for other lmyoses. [lst August 1899.1 THERI3AS under or by virtue of the Tdiverpaol Overhead 11' Railway Compaiiy Act 1888 and other Acts the Liverpool Overhead Railway Company (in this Act called '` the Company ") have constructed and are working by electric traction an overhead railway from Seafortli Sands Station within the urban district of W;iterloo-with-Seafortli and near the northern boundary of the Liverpool estate of the Mersey Docks and Harllour Board along the castcym siclc! of tlie clocks to Dingle Stafion within thc city of Li\rerl)ool ancl near the southern bolxutlary of tlic said Liverpool estate) and such railway is chiefly used for the conveyance of passenger" : Ancl wlierens by tlic ~T-:iterloo-witli-Scafortli Trainwayvs Order 1898 duly confirmed 11)- P~rliament the Waterloo-with-Seaforth Urban District Couiicil were authorised to construct certain traiiiivays within their district : And whereas by tlie Great Croslty Tramways Order 189s duly coiifirined by Pnrliament the Urban District Council of Great Crosby were einpo~ercd to construct certain tramways within their district : Ant1 \V~CWCLS tho ~K~~IIW:LYS authorised by the said Orders will when coiistructcti form a continuous line from Cirpat Crosl)y to the SO utller11 bo~~ldary of Jvaterloo-wi th-Senforth ne:L1- to the Co1npany's railmay station at Se,iforth Sa~ids and it woill~1 be of plrblic and local dvantage if tlw C`oiiipany were empowered to take on lease and to work the tramways authorised by the said Orders acd also to construct the traiii\vays by this Act autliorised : [I'wh 1.q. 9d.I n 1 [Ch. clv.] Liceqiool Occi*?~cncc! Railway Acf, 1899. [62 & 63 VICT.] Ani1 whereas the purposes of this Act cannot he effectd without, AD. 1FD9. - Short title. Incorpora- tion of ge 11 era1 Acts. rhe authority of Pariiainent : Ancl whereas plans and sections showing the lines and levels of tho Forks authorisecl by t1ii.i Act ant1 also a book of reference to those plans wers cliily deposited with tlie clerk of the pence for the CloiintS Palatine of Lancaster and are in this Act respectively referred to as tlie deposited plans sections and book of rcfereiice : May it therefore pleac-e Your Majesty that it niay he eiiactcd and be it enacted by the Queeii'b most Excellent Majesty 1)y and with the advice arid consent of thc Tlords Spiritual and Temporal arid Commons in this present T'arliaineiit assemblecl ailcl by the authority of the saini: aa follows (that is to sas) :- 1. This Act may be cited as the Lircrpool Overliend Railn-ay Act 1S99. 2. The following Acts and parts of Acts are 50 far as tlie sa1110 are a1)plicable ant1 except where expressly varied by this kt incorporated with :uid forin part of this ,\ct (tliat is to saj-) The Lands Clauses Acts (except the p~ovisioiis thereof with respect to the purchase of hiids otherwise than by agreement and with respect to thc entry iipon lands by the promoters of the undertaking) Part IT (Colistiwcl ion of trrtinwa\ s) and Part 111 (Gclneral ~)rovisions) of tlie Trainways Act 1870 the pvisions of the Companies Clauses Consolidation Act 1845 with respect to the following matters (that is to say) :- Tlie distribution of the capital of the Compmy into shares ; The transfer or trnnsniission of shares ; The paginent of subscriptions and the means of enforcing the The forfeiturc of shares for non-payment of calls ; The remedies of creditors of the Company against the share- The borrowing of money by the Company on mortgage or The conversion of 1)orrowed money into capital ; The consolidation of shares into stock ; The general meerings of the Company and the exercise of the riglit of voting by the shareholders ; Tlie making of dividends ; The giving of notices ; and The provision to be made for affording access to the special payment of calls ; h ol cl ers ; bond ; Act ; 2 ancl Part 1: (relating to cancellntioii and s~zrrencler of shares) ai.^. 1899. Part II (relating to aclclitional capital) and Part I11 (relating to clchentiire stoCl.;j of the Companies Clauses 1863 as ailiendetl by subsequent Acts. - 3. In this Act the several words and expressions to \rhicli Tntcrpreta- mealliiigs xiae nssigncd by thv Acts holly or in part incorl)or,itecl tim. herewith .ilall have the S~I~C respective ineaiiings unIe c there be sonietliiiig in tile suhject or contest rcprignnnt to sucli construction : Tlic esi~i7csioii " TVnterloo c'ouiicil " iiieniis tlic TVatcrloo-ivith- Scnforth Urban District Council ; The c\l)ression " Great Crosby Council " means the Grcat C'roshy Urban District Council ; 'i The Waterloo Order " means the TTaterloo-witl~-Se;\f'or th Tramwap Order 1898 ; 6' l'bc Great C'rosby Order " nieans the Great Crmby Tt*,iniways Ortler 1ws ; ~hc espresiooli " nicchanical power includes steam elcctrical axd every other motive power not being animal powc'r : '6 I iiginr " iiic.liicles motor ; For tlie purposes of this Act the word " contingencics " iii Fection 122 of the Companies Clauses Consolidation Act 1845 ~11~11 be construetl to incluclc the contingency of the ti*aiiirvaga k)Jr lhis Act authorised being sold to the local authority iiiicler section forty-t1irc.e of the Tramways Act 1870 at :i sum less tliari the aggregate :mount of the capital ant1 debts of the Company. JJ 4.-(1) Tlie agreomeiit macle between the Waterloo Coulicil of ('(illlll lll:lt ion the 011~ part and the Conipsuy of the other part set forth in tllc 0f:l~t~- Firat Sclieclrile to this Act is hereby confirmecl an(1 inntlc bincling lv;,t,,l upoll the Waterloo Council and upon the Company respectively. the ollc Imrt and tile (lompaiiy of thc other part set forth ill tllc First Sclmlnle to thlq Act is hcreb)? confirmed aiitl made binding up011 tlie Groat Crosby Council ancl UIJJI~ the Compiiy respcctivelg. mc'nl- I\ It11 and Grt :it c T 0 9 I ) Y (2) The agreement made between the Great Crosby Coiiilcil of ~~,,~,;il.. 5. Subject to the provisions cf this Act the Company may make Pn..rer to form ]ay down x-orli use ant1 inaintain the trctmw.nj-s iielyjlli-nftcr makc trm- described in the lilies and accor(1itig to the led, shown on thc deposited plans and SeCtiOIl5 allti in 311 rcspccts in accordance mith those plans arid sections with a11 proper rails plates sleepers clinnnc]s junctio~~s turntables turnouts crossings 1)assing-IiIaces triangles posts poles brackets mires waitingrooms stables c;irriage-houses waj U. A2 3 eligine-house,s stations slieds lifts builtlings works aiid coiiveniences connected therewith (that is to sn~) :- Tramway No. I (1 furlong 1-G3 chains in lengtli wliereof 8.13 chaiii, are single linc and 3.5 chains are double line) comniencinq in Croshy Road South by a junction with the 'l'rainway No. 3 ant horisecl by the Waterloo Ortler poccediiig thence in a westerly direction along a new road leailing froiii Crash- Road Souhh to Shore Road and tcrminnting in that rosd : Traiiirrap No. 2 a single line (14 chains in length) conunencing in Crosby Road South by a jmiction with the said authorised Trnnin-ay No. 3 and terminating in the said new road hy n jiinction with Tramway No. 1 by this Act authorisecl : Trnnin-ay So. 3 :i single line (07 chain in lcngth) cominc.iiciiig in the mitl new road by R junction with TrarnTj-ay KO. I by thih Act nnthorised ant1 teiminnting in Imds belonging or reputed to belong to the Conipan,v under their railnay vi :it1 U c t : Tramway No. 4 n single line (0.50 chain in lciigtli) comnieiicing in the said new road by :L junction with Trani-byay No. 1 by tliis Act autLorisec1 :mtl tcriiiiiia ting in laiids bcloi~giiig or rol)ute(l to belong to the Co~npaiiy untler tlivir rai1w:iy viaduct . 6. TIic trainu a~s by this Act authorised shall be constri~ctctl 011 a gauge of four feet eight mid a linlf inches ancl iio cnrringes or triiclt~ iiiiaI3tetl for 1lSe 1Ipon railway:, tIie tramways by this Act authorised. 7. The trmirvays :iuthoriscd by this Act sild1 xot be ol)eiied for public trilf6c iuitil they have bwii inspected nncl certified io l~c fit for such traffic by the hard of Trntlc. 8. If :illti whenerer after tlic p:~s ii~g of this \et ally ro;iti :iutlioritj- alters the level of niiy road along or acros, w1lic:Il ally part of tlics traiiiu-ajs bj- this Act aiitliorisctl is laid ur ;iiitIiorihecl to bci laid tlie Coni1)aiiy inay aiid sliall alter or (as tile C':L\ZCC: JlIiiy ~,e) lay their i~ilu bo that the uppei*~nost srirf:Lce thcrc(Jf &all 012 ;L level nith the surface of tlie rod as alreretl. 9. In addition to tlio requireiiients of section 26 of tllc 'I'~.n~~l\~~,) Ict 1 h70 tlle Conipaiij- sliall before they open or llrenk 111) a11.q I,o:lt[ ior tJic piiipxe of constructiiig la) iiig do\vii ~ii~:iiit:t~~iil]g ant1 r~newFj11g any of tlic tr:rniwnys 1)j this Act au~l~orise 1 lay t)ciol*e tile Ijoarci of Ti*ncle a p1:iii :,liowiiig the 1)1*0pose11 iiiodc of cl tnstr11rtillg Iiiyiny cion.11 iiiaint, iiniiig or relie\\-111g sucli tramway, ;r11(] a, statclncnt of t!,e niatcrids iiitcritled to Ix id tllercin anti tile ~littll be ii~ec1 ii1)oii 4 [62 & 63 VICT.] Liverpool! Ovwhcad Rnilzony Act, 1899. [Ch. clv.-/ Company shall not coinnience the construction laying down main- 1i.u. 1800. tenance and renewal of tin:- of such tramways or any part thereof - until such plan and statement have been approved by the Board of Trade and after such...

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