London County Council (Acton Sewage)

JurisdictionUK Non-devolved
Citation1898 c. cxliii
[61 & 62 VICT.] London County
(Acton [Ch. CXliii.J
Sewage) Act, 1898.
CHAPTER cxliii.
An Act to prevent or regulate the discharge of Sewage
into the Metropolitan Main Drainage System from the
Urban District of Acton in the county of Middlesex.
[25th July 1898.]
HEBE AS prior to the passing of the Act next herein-after
mentioned certain sewers or brooks known as the Stamford
Brook (west branch) and the Stamford Brook (east branch) passed
through the parish of Acton and then through the parishes of
Pulham and Hammersmith and ultimately discharged into the River
Thames at Hammersmith Creek:
And whereas by the Metropolis Management Act 1855 the
18 & 19
Metropolitan Board of Works were constituted for the better local c*120,
management in respect of sewerage and drainage and other matters
of an area described in that Act as the metropolis which under
the provisions of subsequent enactments is now the administrative
county of London but which does not include any portion of the
parish of Acton:
And whereas by the said Act the sewers as defined in Schedule D
to the said Act including the Stamford Brook sewer (west branch)
and the Stamford Brook sewer (east branch) were with other sewers
therein mentioned and the works connected therewith and all rights
concerning or incident to such sewers vested in the Metropolitan
Board of Works:
And whereas by the said Act the Metropolitan Board of Works
were authorised and required to make such sewers and works as
they might think necessary for preventing all or any part of the
sewage within the metropolis from flowing or passing into the River
Thames in or near the metropolis and also to make all such other
sewers and works ns they might think necessary for the effectual
sewerage and drainage of the metropolis And in pursuance of the
powers and for the purposes of the said Act and other Acts amending
A " 1

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