London County Council (Improvements) Act 1900

JurisdictionUK Non-devolved
Citation1900 c. cclxix
64 VICT.] London County Council [Oh. CClxix.]
Act, 1900.
CHAPTER cclxix.
An Act to empower the London County Council to make
an extension of the Thames Embankment and a new
street and improvements at Westminster to widen Mare
Street Hackney and to make other street improvements
and works in the administrative county of London and
for other purposes. [6th August 1900.]
HEBEA3 it is expedient to confer on the London County
Council (herein-after called " the Council") powers to make
the improvements and works herein-after described and it is also
expedient to confer on the Council such powers as are herein-after
set forth with regard to the raising of money for the purposes of
this Act:
And whereas it is also expedient to confer upon the Council in
connexion with and for the purposes of the improvements by
this Act authorised the powers herein-after set forth :
And whereas it is expedient that provisions should be made
with regard to contributions by the Council of the city or borough
of Westminster constituted or to be constituted under the London
Government Act 1899 towards the Thames Embankment exten-
sion and improvements at Westminster by this Act authorised and
that such provisions as are herein-after set forth should be made
with reference thereto:
And whereas it is expedient that provisions should be made with
regard to contributions by the vestries of certain parishes and by
the Wandsworth District Board of Works as in this Act specified
towards the improvements by this Act authorised within their
respective parishes and district and that other provisions relative
thereto should be made as herein-after set forth:
And whereas the Council have caused to be deposited with the
clerk of the peace for the county of London plans and sections
describing the lines and levels of the works by this Act authorised
9d.] A 1
[OH. CCbrix.] London
Council [63 & 64 VICT.]
(Improvements) Act, 1900.
and the lands which may be taken for the purposes thereof and
also plans of the lands liable to have a special charge imposed
upon them under this Act and also a book of reference to such
plans containing the names of the owners and lessees or reputed
owners and lessees and of the occupiers of those lands and such
plans sections and book of reference are respectively referred to in
this Act as the deposited plans sections and book of reference:
And whereas estimates have been prepared by the Council as to
the amount which they will require to expend on capital account
for the purposes of this Act and such estimates (being in each case
calculated to cover the original cost of purchasing lands and
executing the works without any allowance in respect of returns
from re-sale or letting of lands which will be ultimately available
for that purpose) are as follows : £
Thames Embankment extension and im-
provements at "Westminster
Mare Street Hackney "Widening -
Goswell Road Widening
Saint John Street (Clerkenwell) Widening
Blackstock Road (Islington) Widening
Archway Road (Islington) Widening
Kentish Town Road Widening
Nine Elms Lane Widening
Widenings at Battersea Rise -
Widenings at Blackheath Road Black-
heath Hill and New Road - -
High Street and Gardener's Lane Putney
Widening - -
And whereas the objects aforesaid cannot be effected without
the authority of Parliament:
May it therefore please Your Majesty that it may be. enacted and
be it enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty by-and with
the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal and
Commons,in this present Parliament assembled and by the authority
of the same as follows (that is to say);
This Act may be cited as' the London County Council
(Improvements) Act 1900:
[63 & 64
London County Council [Oh. CClxix.]
(Improvements) Act, 1900.
In this Act the following words and expressions have the
several meanings hereby assigned to them unless there be something inte3Tta.
in the subject or context repugnant to such construction (that is tion.
to say):
" The Council" means the London County Council;
" The improvements " means the improvements and works by this
Act authorised;
" Street" has the meaning assigned to that term in the Metropolis
Management Acts 1855 to 1893;
And the several words and expressions to which by the Acts
wholly or partly incorporated herewith meanings are assigned
have in this Act the same respective meanings unless there
be in the subject or context something repugnant to or
inconsistent with such construction :
Provided that for the purposes of this Act the expressions " the
promoters of the undertaking " and " the company " in the Lands
Clauses Acts shall be construed to mean the Council.
The Lands Clauses Acts are (except section 133 of the Incorpora-
Lands Clauses Consolidation Act 1845 (land tax and poor's rate to
be made good) and except where expressly varied by this Act)
incorporated with and form part of this Act.
Subject to the provisions of this .Act in the lines or silruation Power
and within the limits of deviation shown on the deposited plans and ^nc ^,
according to the levels shown on the deposited sections the Council
may execute the works in the county of London herein-?after
described viz.:
Thames Embankment Extension
An embankment wall and an embankment on the foreshore of
the River Thames in continuation of the existing river embank-
ment south of the Houses of Parliament commencing at the
present termination of the existing embankment at the south-
eastern corner of the Victoria Tower Gardens and terminating
at the northern side of Lambeth Bridge :
A new street consisting in parts of widenings of Abingdon Street
and Millbank Street commencing in Abingdon Street opposite
or nearly opposite the entrance to the Peers Office Court of
the House of Lords and terminating at the western-end of
Lambeth Bridge: A 2 Jt

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