London MP 'can't even remember' alleged Chinese agent who gave him £5k

Publication Date14 January 2022
Publication titleMyLondon (England)
Sir Ed Davey was energy secretary at the time and had just visited China but says "there's completely no link whatsoever"

It comes as MI5 issued a rare warning that an alleged Chinese agent infiltrated Parliament to interfere with UK politics.

An alert from the security service claimed Christine Ching Kui Lee "established links" for the Chinese Communist Party CCP with current and aspiring MPs.

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She then gave donations to politicians, with funding allegedly coming from foreign nationals in China and Hong Kong.

Parliamentary records show Sir Ed received a £5,000 donation from Christine Lee in 2013 when he was energy secretary in the coalition government.

Sir Ed, Liberal Democrat leader and MP for Kingston and Surbiton, told Sky News today January 14: "I was shocked by these revelations. The donation was taken and registered in the normal way, the correct way.

"All the rules and guidance were followed, as you would expect, and to learn eight years later, that this person has been going in and infiltrating across the political spectrum is deeply worrying.

"The real question is, how are [security services] going to help politicians, political parties, Whitehall and all of us guard against state actors from other countries, particularly China."

He added: "I can't even remember this woman to be frank.

"The real issue is how the Chinese government, through different agents, are trying to infiltrate our democracy. Our secret...

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