Form C2

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterChildren Act forms
For permission to start proceedings
For an order or directions in existing
To be joined as, or cease to be, a party in
existing family proceedings under the
To be completed by the court
The Family Court sitting at
Date issued
Case number
Help with Fees –
Ref no. (if applicable)
Before completing this form please read the leaet ‘CB1 – Making an application – Children and the Family Courts’.
You can get a copy from your local court or online at hmctsform
Failure to complete every question or state if it does not apply, could delay the case, as the court will have to
ask you to provide the additional information required.
If there is not enough space please attach separate sheets.
Cafcass/CAFCASS CYMRU will carry out checks as it considers necessary. See Section J of leaet CB1 for more
information about Cafcass and CAFCASS CYMRU.
If you are applying for one of the following private law Children Act 1989 orders you must le a separate completed
FM1 form with this application:
A parental responsibility order (sections 4(1)(c), 4ZA(1)(c) or 4A(1)(b) of the Children Act 1989) or an order
terminating parental responsibility (sections 4(2A), 4ZA(5) or 4A(3) of that Act).
An order appointing a child’s guardian (section 5(1) of the Children Act 1989) or an order terminating the
appointment (section 6(7) of that Act).
An order giving permission to change a child’s surname or remove a child from the United Kingdom
(sections 13(1) or 14C of the Children Act 1989).
A special guardianship order or an order varying or discharging such an order (section 14D of the Children
Ac t 1989 ).
C2 Application (06.16) © Crown copyright 2016
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