Form N244

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterChancery forms
Guidance for misc payments out of court (8.19) 1
Guidance for Miscellaneous Payments out of Court
The Court Funds Office (“the CFO”) holds funds paid into Court in England and Wales.
If you believe you are entitled to money held in Court please follow this guide.
Before you make an application to the Court:
a) You should first conduct a search on the CFO Website
court-money. If you go to “search of unclaimed accounts” and conduct a search it
will show if anything is held under the name you are searching for.
b) If you believe that the CFO is holding funds and you wish to confirm how much
money is being held, you should write to the Court Funds Office, Sunderland
SR43 3AB, Tel: 0300 0200 199 to request that Office to make a search, quoting
any reference number found from your search.
If having taken those steps it appears that you do have a claim to money held in Court,
you should submit an N244 Application Notice stating the grounds on which payment out is
sought and evidence of any facts on which you rely (see part 10 of the Application Notice).
This requirement is in accordance with the Part 37 Practice Direction (37 PD 3 of the Civil
Procedure Rules).
The Application Notice can be found here:
Notes for completing the Application Notice:
Underneath “Name of Court” enter, “Chancery Division Payment out of Funds”.
Enter any reference number in the box marked Claim no (if you have one or leave blank),
and please quote the reference number on all correspondence to the Court.
Please leave blank the box marked “Warrant no”.
In the box marked “Claimant” enter your name.

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