Marshall Charity Act 1855

JurisdictionUK Non-devolved
Citation1855 c. 15
An Act for the future Government, Management,
and Regulation of the Charity of John Marshall,
late of Southwark in the County of Surrey,
Gentleman, deceased; and for other Purposes.
[14th August 1855.]
HEREAS John Marshall, late of the Borough of South- Will of
wark in the County of Surrey, Gentleman, deceased, hy
his last Will and Testament in Writing, bearing Date the A„gust
Twenty-first Day of August One thousand six hundred and twenty- 1627.
seven, which was duly executed and attested, gave and devised, in
Manner and Form following; (to wit,)—" First, I give, devise, and
" bequeath unto the Right Worshipful Rowland Heylin, Alderman of
'* London, William Gonge, Richard Sibbs, Charles Offpringe, and
( John Damport Clarke, Robert Eyre, Christopher Sherland, John
" White, and Samuett Browne, Councillors-at-Law, John Gearinge,
" Richard Davies, George Harwood, and Francis Bridges, Citizens of
** London, and their Heires and Assigns, for ever, under the severall
" Rents, Distresses, Penalties, and Trustes herein-after menconed, to
" be chargeable on the same, all that my Moiety and Half Parte of a
" Yarde, commonlie called the Axe
and all my Messuages and
" Tenements whatsoever, with their Appurtenances, in or neare the
[Private.'] 4 # " said
350 18° & 19° VICTORIA,
Marshall's Charity Act, 1855.
" said Yarde, beinge in the Parish of St. Saviour's in Sotithwarke
" aforesaid, and also all my Messuages, Lands, Tenements, and
" Hereditaments whatsoever, with the Appurtenances
*' Lambe Alley, and in Black Spread Eagle Alley, and in Catherine
u Wheele Alley, or any of them, or neare unto them, or any of them,
" and all other my Messuages, Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments,
" with the Appurtenances
scituate and beinge in the Parishe
" of Newington in the County of Surrey, and all those Three Acres
" of Land lyinge together in One Place in St. George's Fields, and
" Halfe an Acre in the same Fields, be the same more or lesse, with
" their Appurtenances, in the Parish of St. George in the Countie of
" Surrey, in which Three Acres and a Half by Estimacon my
" Mother hath Estate for the Terme of her Life, and all my Me*-
" suages, Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments, with the Appurte-
" nances, in the Parish of Sutton in the said Countie of Surrey, and
" all my Messuages, Lands, and Tenements, with the Appurtenances,
" in Grantham in the Countie of Lincoln, and my Revertion and
" Revertions, Remainder and Remainders
and the Rents and
" Services thereunto incidente, to the Use, Intent, and Purpose that
" they, their Heires and Assigns, shall, out of the Rents, Yssues,
" aud Profits of my Three Tenements, with the Appurtenances,.
" scituate in Newington aforesaid, Parcell of the Premisses in the
" Parish of Newington, and now or late in the Tenure or Occupation
" of Mr. Marburte and Widow Keies, or of One of them, or of theire
" or One of theire Assignes, pay or cause to be payd unto Margaret
" Vero, Daughter of Henry Vero, the Some of Fouer Pounds of
" lawfull Moneys for her Mayntenance yearlye, untill shee shall attaine
" her Age of Eighteen Yeares, or shall be married, which of them
" shall first happen, and the farther Some of Twentie Pounds of like
" Money for her Porcon, when shee shall be married or attaine her
" said Age, which soever of them shall first happen, and thereupon
" and from thenceforth the said yearly Payments of Fouer Pounds by
" the Yeare to cease, which I do give unto her upon Condicon that she
" be ordered and directed in her Education and Marriage by the Advice
" and Direcon of
said Feoffees or the Survivors of them, whom I
" doe earnest lie entreate to take upon them the Care, Tutelage, and
" Orderinge of her, and doe comitt her unto their Care, not doubting
" but that they will see her brought up in the Feare of the Lord, and
" disposed of in Places fitt for that Purpose; and my Will further is,
" that my said Feoffees, and their Heires and Assignes, shall, out of
" the Rents, Issues, and Profitts of the said Three Tenements, paie
" or cause to be paid unto the Brother of the said Margaret Vero%
" yearlie duringe his Life, Fouer Pounds of lawfull Money for his
" Mayntenance; and my Will further is, that my said Feoffees, their
" Heires and Assignes, shall, out of the Rents, Issues, and Profitts of
the said Three Tenements for ever, after the Death of the said
-M Margaretr
Mat'shaU's Charity Act^ 1855.
° Margaret Veto and her Brother, layc out and bestowe yeariye the
" Some of Twelve Pounds of lawfull Moneys for and towards the
" yeariye Mainteynance of a poor Scholler in eithe of the Universities,
" in the Manner followinge, viz.,—my Meaninge is, that the poor
'* Scholler shall be cbosenfrom Tyme toTymeby my said Feoffees, their
" Heires and Assigns, from amonge such as are or shall be borne in
" the said Borough of Southwarke, or in the Towne of Stamford in
" the Countie of Lincolne, and taught in the Sehoole kepte or to be
" kepte in the Parish of St. Saviour's in Southwarhe aforesaid, or
" any other Sehoole, at their Discrecons, and that they shall pay
" unto such poore Scholler soe from Tyme to Tyme to be cho3en by
" them as aforesaid Twelve Pounds a Yeare for the Space of Seaven
" Years for his Maynteynance, and if he shall then take the Degree
" of Mr. of Arts, they shall continue the further Payment thereof
'* unto him for One Yeare more, to the end that he may in that Tyme
" provide for himselfe some Place for the Employinge of his Talent
" and Abilities abroad, to the Glorie of God and Benefitt of his
" Church; provided alwaies, that such poor Scholler contymie for
" the most Parte of all that Tyme untill he be Mr. of Arts in the
" University, and give not over his Studies there; and from and after
" the Expiracon of the said Eight Years, or other ceasing of the Pay-
" ment of the said Twelve Pounds a Year to such poor Scholler,
" my said Eeoffees, their Heires and Assignes, shall pay the same
" yearlie to another such poore Scholler, to be by them speedily after-
'* wards chosen in the like Manner as the former, and for soe many
" Yeares and upon the like Condicon as to the former; and that the
" said yearly Payments shall be so continued by them, their Heirs
" and Assigns, for ever;" and the said Testator, after charging the
Lands and Hereditaments so devised to his said Eeoffees as aforesaid,
and certain other Lands and Hereditaments in the said Will mentioned,
with the Payment, in certain Proportions, to his Mother Elizabeth
Marshal^ and his Wife Elizabeth Marshall, of Two several yearly
Rentcharges of Fourscore Pounds and Fourscore and Ten Pounds
respectively during their respective Lives, in lieu and satisfaction of
their respective Dowers and Rights and Titles of Dower, out of all
his Lands, further made his Will, in Manner and Form following; to
wft, " And my Will and Meaninge further is, that my said Feoffees,
" their Heires and Assignes, shall, out of the First Revenmies of my
" said Lands to them given, and out of my Personall Estate thate
" shall by this my last Will come unto them or any of them, as my
" Executors
pay and discharge all such Debts as I shall truly
" and justly owe at the Time of my Death to any Person or Persons
" whatsoever, with Interest after viiiu per Cent, and that after my
" Debts and Legacies paid and Funerall Expences discharged they
" shall, with the next Revenues and cleare Pro6tts of my said Lands
** to them given, finish and perfitt the buildinge and furnishinge of

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