AuthorWitt, Claus
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Founded in 1975 by Eckehardl Bauer, MARES Shipping GmbH is an international trading company thai specializes in the delivery of spare parts and equipment for ships and stationary units. Claus Witt joined Mares in 1983 and is managing partner since 1993

The Hamburg based company employs about 70 people. Mares covers an almost complete supply scope of more than 400.000 spare parts for various manufacturers and units and supply more than 800 customers throughout the world in more than 75 countries. The main sales markets are Germany, USA, Singapore, Netherlands, China, Great Britain and France.

Within the last years MARES has expanded its customer base from the shipping industry to other areas such as industry, power plants and others. It is the goal to expand these markets continuously.

As a full-range supplier, MARES Shipping's spectrum of spare parts ranges from diesel motors, compressors, separators, pumps, plate heat exchangers and water treatment plants.

Their network of manufacturers and suppliers has grown over many years and the purchase volume permits considerable discounts for a large number of spare parts.

MARES Shipping is a reliable partner and ensures that the required spare parts reach their...

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