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To its credit, last year's attack on Trudy Stevenson provoked heated debate within the MDC. Here are a few quotable quotes:


Welshman Ncube, secretary general of the MDC faction now led by Prof Arthur Mutambara: "This brutal attack on a member of parliament and our supporters proves that Tsvangirai and his people are a complete mirror image of Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF. They have established no-go areas for other political parties in Harare and elsewhere. This vindicates our position that it will make no difference to elect Tsvangirai as president because he will prove a worse dictator."

Nelson Chamisa, spokesman for Tvangirai's faction of the MDC: "We condemn this attack. Any blood is special and this attack on a member of parliament is barbaric. If these people who committed this act masqueraded as MDC members, I can assure you they are not part of the MDC family."

Gabriel Chaibva, spokesman for Mutambara's faction: "We have positively identified at least seven of the assailants and have passed their names to the police ... The mob pounced on the MDC officials and attacked them with an assortment of...

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