Mobile Threats: 10 App Categories at Risk of Malicious Malware.

Latest information released by Symantec proves threats in the mobile space are surging. In fact, the Internet Security Threat Report details Symantec blocked an average of 10,573 malicious mobile apps per day in 2018.

To highlight the risk bound in tech, mobile phone case specialists sought to uncover the danger of malware in our everyday apps through analysis of the report. After all, do we ever pause to think before we press "download"?

In 2019, it was found 39.1 % of apps found in the "Tools" category are at risk of malware.

Placing second, albeit significantly lower is the app category of "Lifestyle" with a threat of 14.9%. It seems shopping, looking for recipes or finding yourself on a dating app can cause harm to your device and data.

Likewise, "Entertainment" (7.3%)," Social and Communication" (6.2%) and "Music and Audio" (4.3%) pose an elevated risk as well.

Further down the list, the apps causing the least threat of malware is in relation to "Education" (2.6%), and "Books and Reference" with 3.2%...

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