Mr Mazengwa, where did you lose your head?

Author:McConnell, Jesse
Position:Letters - Letter to the editor

When reading "Mr Smith, you have been using a borrowed head" (NA March), I was quite astonished at some of the comparisons made by P. J. Mazengwa. He blatantly contradicts himself by appealing to a measure of justice that he derides throughout his article.

I was further appalled at his conclusion, which states: "Perhaps Saddams execution will open our eyes" ... while he had spent the bulk of his article arguing against the double standards of justice wielded on his few--albeit ill-chosen examples (lumping together Mbeki at Botha's funeral, Taylor at the Hague, and Saddam's execution in Iraq).

Is it that you would prefer President Mugabe hunt down and hang Ian Smith? Is that the conclusion you are looking for while simultaneously criticising Saddam's execution and lamenting Smith's extant life?

If you have done anything, Mr Mazengwa, it has been to convince me of the injustice of Saddam's trial and beg that our lesson from it will be to pursue a framework of justice juxtaposed to that brought to bear against Saddam. It seems to me that such justice would...

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