Ms D Rollason v Midlands Medical Partnership: 1304877/2020

Cited as:1304877/2020
Court:Employment Tribunal
Judgment Date:21 Dec 2020, 27 Nov 2020
Publication Date:22 Dec 2020
Case Number 1304877/2020 V
10.2 Judgment - rule 61 February 2018
Claimant: Ms D Rollason
Respondent: Midlands Medical Partnership
Heard: By CVP On: 26 and 27 November 2020
Before: Employment Judge Cookson (sitting alone)
For the claimant: Mr Harris (counsel)
For the respondent: Ms McGee (counsel)
(1) The claimant’s claims for unfair dismissal is well founded and
(2) Remedy shall be determined at a hearing on 21 December 2020.
(3) The claimant’s claims of breach of contract, in relation to arrears of pay
and for a statutory redundancy payment are dismissed on withdrawal.
Employment Judge Cookson
Date 27 November 2020
Reasons for the judgment having been given orally at the hearing, written reasons will not be
provided unless a request was made by either party at the hearing or a written request is
presented by either party within 14 days of the sending of this written record of the decision.
Public access to employment tribunal decisions
Judgments and reasons for the judgments are published, in full, online at shortly after a copy has been sent to the claimant(s)
and respondent(s) in a case.

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