Mugabe thanks SADC & security forces.

Position:ZIMBABWE: Sponsored supplement - Robert Mugabe addresses Southern African Development Community - Brief article

In his address to the nation on 18 April, marking the 27th independence. anniversary of the country, President Mugabe said:

"I wish to express Zimbabwe's gratitude to those countries in the international community and especially to SADC for remaining unwavering and understanding in their support and solidarity with Zimbabwe.

"Let me at this point thank our security forces for continuing to be the vanguard of our revolution and national integrity. Indeed, they have continued to play a critical role in buttressing our economic turnaround efforts.

"The Zimbabwe Republic Police in particular, have greatly assisted in stamping out crime in the country and criminal and imprudent behaviour in the mining sector where anarchy had become the order of the day. In the face of extreme provocation, they have curbed and inhibited the criminal tendencies of the opposition parties.

"As part of their civic activities, members of the security forces continue to spearhead the implementation of Operation Maguta/Inala, which seeks to boost the country's food security, in...

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