Mugabe: putting Zimbabwe first; Zimbabwe marked 27 years of independence on 18 April. Below are the highlights of President Mugabe's speech.

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Today, 18 April, marks the 27th anniversary of our hard-won independence and freedom from the shackles of British colonialist and imperialist domination. We celebrate not only our 27th year of sovereignty and self-determination, but also our success, our collective success, in repulsing the unending attempts by our erstwhile colonisers and other detractors to disturb our peace, stability and tranquility.


Congratulations Zimbabwe, on our refusal to be re-colonised! Let the sound of our celebrations reach the ears of Britain and her allies, and let them know that we shall never, never, ever be a colony again.

The 27th anniversary demonstrates the victorious spirit of the unity of our people, the unity of a people who know how this country came into being; a people prepared to stand in defence of their country's achievements and future direction.

It is this spirit of oneness, the unyielding singleness of purpose which, during the liberation struggle, cheered and lifted our gallant patriots to the heights of supreme sacrifice in the name of freedom and sovereignty. These heroes and heroines of the struggle would turn in their graves if today we were to bequeath anything less than full, uncompromised independence and sovereignty to the future generations of the country. Thus today is a day when we also celebrate our continuing electoral successes and victories over British-sponsored negative forces, however organised. I wish to applaud the resilience of our people, who have resisted the brazen attempts of our detractors, openly working in cahoots with their shameless local puppets, to reverse the gains of our independence through their "regime change" agenda.

We have observed how of late this conspiracy has attempted to transform into a militant criminal strain, characterised by the puerile attempts of misguided opposition elements to create a state of anarchy through the orgy of violence. As government, our message remains clear, that we will...

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