MyDoom creators ask for job in anti-virus industry.

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The creators of the latest versions of the MyDoom email worm have embedded a secret message inside their code, asking for a job in the anti virus industry. The MyDoom-V and MyDoom-U worms, spread via email in the form of an email file attachment. If innocent users launch the malicious file, the worms activate and may attempt to download a backdoor Trojan horse called Surila.

Hidden inside these worm's code is a message which does not get displayed on infected users' computers: 'We searching 4 work in AV industry.' "It's hard to tell if the creators of these new versions of the MyDoom worm are being serious, but there is no way that anybody in the anti-vires industry would touch them with a bargepoloe" said Sophos. 'Its very simple--if you write a virus, we will never ever employ you.

Not only is it deeply unethical to write malicious code, but it raises issues as to whether you could ever be...

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