MySQL Administrator for Linux 1.0.12.

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MYSQL Administrator is a visual administration console that enables users to administer an MYSQL environment, and gain better visibility into how the systems databases are operating. MYSQL Administrator integrates database management and maintenance into one, seamless environment, with a clear and intuitive graphical user interface. Using MYSQL Administrator users are able to:

--Achieve higher database availability through improved management

--Reduce errors through visual database administration

--Lower database administration costs through improved productivity

--Deliver a more secure environment through easier privilege management MYSQL Administrator enables developers and DBAs to perform all the command line operations visually including configuring servers, administering users, and dynamically monitoring database health. Other common administrative tasks such as monitoring replication status, backup and restore, and viewing logs can also be performed through the MYSQL Administrator graphical console.

Users can leverage the full power of MySQL's user management and privilege capabilities to fully protect a MYSQL server host using an integrated graphical user administration console. For example, a form-based interface provides a simple method for adding users, assigning passwords and including user profile information. Plus, assigning and revoking global, database, and table/column privileges is as easy as adding and removing privilege items from an available list. Finally, an explorer interface provides a...

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