National Trust Act 1907

JurisdictionUK Non-devolved
Citation1907 c. cxxxvi
7.] National Trust Act, 1907. [Oh. CXXXVi.]
CHAPTER cxxxvi.
An Act to incorporate and confer powers upon the A.D. 1907.
National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural
Beauty. [21st August 1907.]
HEREAS the National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or
Natural Beauty (hereinafter referred to as " the Association ")
was in the year 1894 incorporated as an Association not for profit
under the Companies Acts 1862 to 1890 with a liability of the
members limited by guarantee:
And whereas the Association was incorporated for the purposes
of promoting the permanent preservation for the benefit of the
nation of lands and tenements (including buildings) of beauty or
historic interest and as regards lands for the preservation (so far
as practicable) of their natural aspect features and animal and
plant life :
And whereas the Association in furtherance of those purposes
have acquired considerable property comprising common park and
mountain land and buildings and are or are reputed to be the
owners of or interested in the properties specified in the First
Schedule to this Act to the extent and in the manner therein
And whereas the public are admitted to the enjoyment of the
lands buildings and property held by the Association but no
adequate powers exist for regulating the use of or protecting the
property of the Association or for controlling the persons using
the same or resorting thereto :
And whereas with a view to the continuance of the work of the
Association for obtaining and preserving lands and buildings as
aforesaid and for the permanent holding and maintenance thereof
and for the preventing as far as possible their destruction or
[Price Is. 3d.] A 1
CXXXVi.] National Trust Act, 1907. [7 Emv. 7.]
1907. disfigurement and for promoting the permanent preservation of
buildings places or property having historic associations 6r being-
celebrated for thgir natural beauty it is expedient that the Associa-
tion should be dissolved and re-incorporated as in this Act provided
and that the powers of this Act should be conferred:
And whereas the objects of this Act cannot be attained without
the authority of Parliament:
May it therefore please Your Majesty that it may be enacted
and be it enacted by the King's most Excellent Majesty by and
with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal
and Commons in this present Parliament assembled and by the
authority of the same as follows (that is to say):
This Act may be cited as the National Trust Act 1907.
In this Act unless the subject or context otherwise
" The Association " means the National Trust for Places of
Historic Interest or Natural Beauty incorporated under
the Companies Acts 1862 to 1890 and dissolved by this
" The National Trust " means the National Trust for Places
of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty incorporated by
this Act;
"The Trust property" means the property held by the
National Trust for purposes of preservation;
" The council" means the council of the National Trust
appointed by this Act.
From and after the passing of this Act the Association
shall be dissolved and the several persons who immediately before
the passing of this Act were members thereof and all other
persons who shall subscribe to or who shall hereafter become
members of the National Trust in accordance with the provisions
of this Act and their executors administrators successors and
assigns respectively shall be and they are hereby incorporated
for the purposes hereinafter mentioned by the name of " The
" National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural
" Beauty" and by that name shall be a body corporate with
perpetual succession and a common seal and with power to
purchase take hold deal with and dispose of lands and other
property without licence in mortmain.
Short title.
tion of

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