Network access control strategies.

Network access control (NAC) strategies should be a key feature of an organisation's bring your own device (BYOD) policy according to Patrick Oliver Graf, GM of of NCP Engineering, Inc.

"BYOD brings with it a number of risks that organisations must address. The threat of a potential data breach means that companies must embrace a containment strategy," explained Graf.

A recent report from Gartner pointed to NAC being a key tool against the threat posed by BYOD. The flexible approach that NAC allows organisations works perfectly in association with other strategies. Indeed Gartner claims that 'NAC provides one of the most flexible approaches to securely support BYOD'.

However, as it can be tailored to suit an organisations needs, network managers must take the lead on how the strategies can be implemented within their company. BYOD policies require substantial cross-departmental overhead to ensure that all employees involved adhere to the correct procedures. IT Managers therefore must ensure all departments are involved in the process of producing a BYOD policy.

Graf commented, " Introducing a BYOD policy can present problems for organisations, firstly they must distinguish between corporate-owned devices and personally owned devices. This will enable organisations to decide their security needs.

Secondly organisations must look into...

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