A new full-text finder tool for linking to scientific articles

Date13 February 2020
Publication Date13 February 2020
AuthorMahdi Lotfipanah
SubjectLibrary & information science,Librarianship/library management,Library technology,Library & information services
A new full-text finder tool for linking to
scientific articles
Mahdi Lotfipanah
One of the most important challenges
in medical libraries is to link their clients to
resources such as full-text journal articles.
There are many databases that can provide
access to all electronic resources such as
Institute of Electrical and Electronics
Engineers Xplore for engineers. To
achieve, researchers and librarians must
log in to their university websites or have a
username and a password for each
publisher or database. Kopernio is a
browser extension as a plugin and is
designed to fix this issue. In this review,
we aim to describe what Kopernio is and
how it can be adjusted and explore some of
its advantages. A brief discussion of
similar products is also included.
What is Kopernio and what are its
Providing access to new scientific
papers and electronic resources has
been the most difficult and takes a lot of
time for academic libraries (Hoy, 2019).
Web of Science recommends to
researchers around the globe to take the
utmost advantage of the most important
extension of Google Chrome, that is to
say, Kopernio (Company, 2019) that
was acquired by Clarivate Analytics in
April 2018 (Company Clarivate
Analytics, 2019).
Nowadays, the extension is an
applied and specificcase for researchers,
the heedless and negligence of which
will prompt and provoke a waste of time
and energy (Lawrence, 2017;Kopernio,
Its significance is so extensive and
momentous that Web of Science has
attached tremendous importance thereunto
and takes immediate action to use it. Web
of Science firmly proposes that all
researchers throughout the world should
not miss the opportunity of recruiting
It is a worthwhile extension with the
rank of 4.8 out of 5 in the World of Web
and is able to devise integration in
academic information such as Google,
PubMed, Google S cholar and more t han
20,000 sites like Springer, JSTOR and
ScienceDirect.It is a unique turbocharge
for researchers to save time in cases
pertinent to academic information (Hoy,
2019;Kopernio, 2019b)insteadofan
estimated 5-15clicks to find and access a
paper (Ware and Michael,2018).
In fact, an extension is an approach
through which you can have access to
all PDF files altogether by one click,
without changing searching route and
repeating user name and password. In
other words, researchers and librarians
can automatically have access to
subscribed university or organization on
the same page by clicking on
“Information” and downloading the
PDF from the databases without
choosing new links.
Another capability of the intended
extension is that there is no limitation
concerning time and location such as
home, office, university campus,
conference hall or even beach.
Therefore, you can have access to the
university library wherever you intend
By using this extension, there will be
no struggle with unwanted or bad links,
and you will get rid of amiss research in
Kopernio automatically stores all
downloaded files in a locker so that you
can retrieve and study the files if you
have no access to your personal
Kopernio is an extension which
swiftly detects the best existing PDF
files of academic papers. In fact, by only
one click, Kopernio enables the
researchers and librarians to have
access to all open databases on a single
page without changing the search route
and wasting time.
Once the extension in the browser is
loaded, the only requirement is that any
applicant with an academic or non-
academic e-mail address needs to
register in the Kopernio site and insert
the name and address of the university
or organization where he/she studies or
works (affiliated address whether to be a
library, university or organization). In
this way, the intended person has access
to all available databases and pre-print
servers (Hoy, 2019).
Kopernio is a part of the Clarivate
Analytics site supporting authentic and
credible brands such as EndNote and
Web of Science. The latest version was
updated on 18 December 2019 in
English with 1.32 megabyte (Kopernio,
Similar products
Google Scholar Button
Google Scholar Button is a free web
extension for rapid access to Google
Scholar from any web page to find free
and open access to full-text papers. The
last version was updated on 6 October
2017 with 57 kilobytes (Google Scholar
Button, 2019;Technology Delft
University of GET THE PDF! Netherland:
Delft University of Technology, 2019).
Nomad Article Finder
Nomad or LibKey Nomad is a free of
charge extension for Google Chrome
that helps researchers find electronic
resources such as journal papers very
quickly. When LibKey senses that the
page user is reading contains article
PDFs, it informs the user. No login or
account is required (Hoy, 2019;Nomad
Article Finder Plugin for Google
Chrome: Mayo Clinic, 2019).
LIBRARY HITECH NEWS Number 4 2020, pp. 13-14, V
CEmerald Publishing Limited, 0741-9058, DOI 10.1108/LHTN-12-2019-0097 13

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