New research finds disconnect between contact centres team skills.

Genesys has announced the results of recent research on multi-channel engagement in contact centres with 100 seats or more. It found that over two thirds of these contact centres now offer 'social' as a channel but only 17% had mobile customer service apps, and only 27% of the centres could seamlessly deliver the same customer experience regardless of which channel is used.

218 respondents took part in the survey, which was conducted in conjunction with ProtoCall One and Call Centre Focus throughout the month of May.

Key Facts Include:

* Over two thirds of respondents now offer 'social' as a channel, with Twitter found to be the most popular social media channel for customers to use to contact the organisation, with 48% of respondents indicating that this social media channel is more popular than Facebook, Linkedln and blogs, amongst others.

* Only 27% of respondents currently enable customers to move seamlessly between channels--something which is soon becoming imperative in order to provide a good customer experience.

* Yet 83% of respondents are ignoring mobile as a customer service channel, as they do not yet offer a mobile customer service app to customers.

* 70% of teams were found to be multi-skilled and handle all channels within the contact centre. Yet 25% of respondents said that they don't record how customers have contacted them. This disconnect between customer interaction history and the contact centre agents shows that companies are using all channels available to them, but in isolation and without any knowledge of previous interactions with...

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