Nexar collaborates with Blyncsy.

Auto Business News-June 24, 2021--Nexar collaborates with Blyncsy

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Auto Business News - 24 June 2021

Nexar, a dash cam company, has collaborated with Blyncsy, a movement and data intelligence company, to collect data on America's 4.1 million miles of public highway and provide actionable insights on the state and local governments that maintain them.

Blyncsy's Payver technology and machine learning models are to use Nexar's billions of crowdsourced images to offer the required data and insights to keep highways and roads safe.

Eran Shir, Nexar CEO and co-founder, said, 'We are proud to partner with Blyncsy using our combined AI smart technology to improve our roads. With many cities investing in expensive lidar technologies to monitor their streets and roads, or human surveyors, the crowdsourced vision data from Nexar 'sees' the...

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