No water harvest, despite Kenyan floods.

Author:Gatibui, Ng'ang'a wa
Position:Letters - Letter to the editor

Thanks for the article you carried on my country Kenya ("Floods everywhere and not a drop to drink', New African, June 2018). I found the article quite enriching.

But as I read through it, it reminded me of some promises that the government had made before the flooding issue surfaced.

One of these promises was that come the rains (we had just come from a quite prolonged drought period), we would be engaged in the water harvest issue.

But this was never to be. We saw nothing close to this as the flooding came and left many a problem, such as the death of people and animals, landslides, the heavy destruction of transport infrastructures and the threat from some diseases.

One wonders as to why our governments make some promises that are hardly...

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