North East mums re-live the pain and terror of giving birth alone in lockdown while Boris partied; The furore over a 'bring your own booze' event at Downing Street shows no sign of abating as we await the Sue Gray report.

Byline: By, Hannah Graham

Mothers who gave birth at the height of lockdown have re-lived the terrifying moment they waved goodbye to their partners and walked into hospital alone as they share their fury at the government 'partygate' scandal.

When we asked our readers what they were doing in May 2020, the time of the, attended by the Prime Minister, we were 'I couldn't visit my husband while he was in a coma -I won't 'get over' the Downing Street party'from people who'd followed the restrictions at huge personal cost.

While many had lost loved ones, it was also a difficult time for those whose families were being joined by a new member.

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Many grandparents were left unable to visit their new grandchildren, resorting to waving at them through windows, waiting months before they could even hold them.

And for the mothers who gave birth at the height of the pandemic, following the rules meant facing a terrifying trip into hospital alone, while their anxious partners waited for news. Most were allowed a birthing partner in the room at the moment of labour -but for many that meant hours, days or even weeks alone waiting for the birth and facing complications without a loved one present.

Among these mothers was Nicola Easter, whose daughter Nancy was born in May 2020, just 36 weeks into pregnancy.

Nicola, who had "always dreamed of being a mother", was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia in late April and rushed to Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary with dangerously high blood pressure.

She spent days on the ward alone, while husband Simon was forced to wait at their home in Walkergate, not knowing what might happen.

Nicola, 47, said: "It was pretty tough, to be honest: I was stuck in hospital on my own for about three weeks, my husband couldn't come to visit, I couldn't have my sister or my mam and dad there. Obviously it was amazing because I had my daughter, who I had longed for for a long time, she was worth it, but it was very hard.

"I couldn't have any visitors, which was very tough for my husband, and although the staff on the ward were amazing, they're not your family."

After waiting for 13 terrifying days on the ward alone, on May 8 doctors told Nicola it was time to attempt a natural birth -but when they discovered the baby was in the breech position and she would have to undergo a C-Section. The moment she was wheeled in to theatre for the urgent operation was the first...

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