Note from the Editor

Published date01 October 1983
AuthorWilfried Dumon
Date01 October 1983
the Editor
This fourth issue completes the XXIst volume and marks the fulfilment of
Indeed, in the first issue of this year we were able to announce that, from
International Migration would be published regularly with a sequence of four issues a
year. As to the contents, new columns have been introduced, such as is the case in this
issue. Our bibliographical information has been enlarged to the effect that books will
be critically analysed.
host of specialists from the most diverse disciplines have
agreed to contribute and this issue already carries some of their work under the style of
‘book reviews’.
As to the contents of this issue, the articles reflect the wide coverage of International
Migration, in terms of phenomena covered, as well as in sheer geographic terms. Con-
tributions from Africa, America, Australia and Europe are being presented. We do
thank our colleagues from all over the world who sent their contributions. Unfortuna-
tely, not all papers can be taken into consideration, but we still are able to accommo-
date some twenty papers per year. The editorial policy remains in giving priority to pa-
pers based on a solid frame of reference, reflecting sound methodology, as well as sug-
gesting policy implications.

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