Notice of application to vary or set aside a financial remedy (Form E1 calculator error)

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterDivorce and civil partnership dissolution forms
Notice of application to vary
or set aside a nancial remedy
(Form E1 calculator error)
D651 Notice of application to vary or set aside a nancial remedy (02.16) © Crown Copyright 2016
To be completed by the relevant party
Name of court Case no.
Name of Applicant
Name of Respondent
Complete this form only where a Form E1
calculator error has been identied in an online
HMCTS FormFinder Form E1 and you assert this
has materially or signicantly af fected your order.
If completing this form by hand, please use black ink
and BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS and tick the boxes
that apply.
1. Please state your name or, if you are a solicitor, the name of your rm.
2. Were you the Applicant Respondent to your previous nancial remedy proceedings, or
A solicitor
(who do you represent)
(Please specify)
4. What are you asking the court to do and why?
If you have drafted a copy of the order you are applying for, please attach the draft order.
3. Do you consider that this error has materially or signicantly affected the outcome of your nal order?
If Yes, please explain how and to what extent you think that the error affected the outcome?
Yes N o
I have received a letter from HMCTS about Form E1 Yes No
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