Notice of attendance of authorised lawyer

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterFamily law forms
Your name
Name of your organisation
I give the following undertakings to the court.
1. I conrm to the court I am a duly authorised lawyer as dened in Rule 27.11 (7) (b) Family Procedure
Rules 2010.
2. I am authorised because I am:
a person who is authorised by a practising certicate to conduct litigation or exercise a right of
audience in the family court; or
a lawyer working for the Law School, Faculty or Department of a Higher Education Institution
designated as a recognised body pursuant to section 216 of the Education Reform Act 1988; or
a lawyer attending on behalf of a registered educational charity who received written
conrmation of their accreditation on a list maintained for this purpose by the President of the
Family Division.
3. I conrm that:
I have produced evidence of my identity to the court at the start of the hearing; and
I am attending court for journalistic, research or public legal educational purposes; and
I am not attending court in the capacity of agent or instructed lawyer for my client; and
I have no personal interest in the proceedings; and
I am aware of and will abide by any restrictions on publication, whether arising by operation of
law (for example under section 97 of the Children Act 1989 and section 12 of the Administration
of Justice Act 1960) or imposed by order of the court, which follow from the proceedings being in
private; and
I understand I may be in contempt of court if I breach these undertakings given to the court.
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Case Name
Notice of attendance of
duly authorised lawyer
Practice Direction 27C paragraphs 4A.2 and 4A.3
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