Notice of intention to file evidence by deposition

Published date21 March 2018
Subject MatterCourt of Protection forms and guidance
Please read f‌irst
• If you intend to use a deposition as evidence at
a hearing then you must complete this notice to
inform the court.
• You must f‌ile this notice at least 14 days before
the date f‌ixed for the hearing.
• You must provide a copy of this notice to every
other party to the proceedings.
• The court may require the deponent (the person
who was examined) to attend the hearing and
give evidence in person.
• Please continue on a separate sheet of paper
if you need more space to answer a question.
Write the case number, your name, the name of
the person to whom the application relates, and
the number of the question you are answering on
each separate sheet.
© Crown Copyright 2015
For off‌ice use only
Case no.
Full name of person to whom the application relates
(this is the person who lacks, or is alleged to lack, capacity)
Notice of intention to f‌ile
evidence by deposition
Court of Protection
• For assistance in completing the form please see
guidance notes and website:
• Court of Protection staff cannot give legal
advice. If you need legal advice please contact
a solicitor.
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