Nuclear energy.

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The leak of radioactive material from Japan's tsunami-damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant has been a blow for the industry. Governments in countries such as Germany and Italy have come 0 under increased pressure to roll back their investment plans as 1 safety concerns have been revived. But soaring energy demand, [pounds sterling] particularly in emerging markets, should ensure that the 61 new S reactors under construction around the world are not the last.


Number of reactors in operation: 441

Nuclear energy use (exajoules): 28.34

Net capacity (GWe): 374.8

Reactors under construction: 61

% of total energy used: 14.03

North America North AmericaNet capacity (GWe): 122 113.3 Nuclear energy use (exajoules): 9.76 Reactors under construction: 1 % of total energy used (2008): 19.04 Latin America Latin America Net capacity (GWe): 6 4.1 Nuclear energy use (exajoules): 0.32 Reactors under construction: 2 % of total energy used (2008): 2.38 Western Europe Western Europe Net capacity (GWe): 129 122.9 Nuclear energy use (exajoules): 8.97 Reactors under construction: 2 % of total energy used (2008): 26.68 Central and Central and eastern Europe Net 67 eastern Europe capacity (GWe): 47.4 Nuclear energy use (exajoules): 3.84 Reactors under...

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