Publication Date13 September 2021
The Greeks defeated the Persians under Darius at the Battle of Marathon. Philippides had run 150 miles in two days in a futile attempt to ask the Spartans to assist the Greek army, but in the end their help was not required.


The British under General Wolfe won the Battle of Quebec - but Wolfe was shot and died in the fighting.


New York became federal capital of the new United States of America.


Composer Arnold Schoenberg was born in Vienna. As a triskaidekaphobe (someone afraid of the number 13), he predicted he would die on the 13th at the age of 76 (7+6=13). He did, on July 13, 1951 at 13 minutes to midnight. His last word was"harmony".


The first performance took place of Oscar Strauss's The Chocolate Soldier, the operetta based on Shaw's Arms And The Man. It introduced the famous song My Hero.


The process for making breakfast cereal flakes was patented by Frank Martin, as previously the combination of corn, oats and grain had proved indigestible for the public.


The Mousetrap, a murder-mystery...

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