On Tue Les Vieux and Douze Gériatres en Colère: Où il est question de la mondialisation de la maltraitance des vieux

Publication Date11 Dec 2009
AuthorBridget Penhale
SubjectHealth & social care,Sociology
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The abuse of older people has been gaining gradual recognition as
a problem within Europe for several years now, but it is still some
way from receiving sufficient attention, or from being a topic of
common discussion for professionals or the general public in most
countries. These two books are additions to the small but growing
number of publications from Europe about the topic, and as such
are a welcome addition to that body of literature. The long-term
commitment of the authors to the issue, and to the rights of older
people has been apparent through a number of publications and
over a period of time, as evidenced in these editions.
As a starting point, the titles of the volumes are of interest.
In translation, these are, first, We Kill the Elderly, which perhaps
suggests some discussion concerning societal perceptions of
older people. Indeed, a number of the chapters in the book
include discussion of the structural and societal dimensions
of elder abuse. The second volume is entitled Twelve Angry
Geriatricians: Or the question of the globalisation of elder abuse,
which covers differing aspects of the mistreatment of older
people from a more global perspective.
The first volume considers ageing within its socio-cultural
context in developed nations, although it concentrates,
understandably, on the situation in France. The book commences
with a discussion about the documentary and its findings and the
response from the government (they excluded an organisation
from the national committee considering elder abuse as they had
participated in the filming process). The whole volume considers
the wider societal context of elder mistreatment in its various forms.
As chapter titles suggest, there is a consideration of care (or
rather mis-care) of older people:A horrible/obscene time for the
elderly’, which considers the conditions in residential homes, the
question de la mondialisation
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Dominique Predali
Dominique Predali

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