Writer": the Free Alternative to Microsoft Word.

AuthorWeber, Jean Hollis
PositionBrief Article is the free, open source office suite; its word processor, Writer, has proven extremely popular with both Windows and Linux users. "I wrote this book and did the page layout entirely in Writer, the author adds. ,'I find Writer quite easy to use and now prefer it to Word. However, Writer does some things a bit differently from Word, so it can be quite frustrating until you've learned the tricks. My book tells readers about a lot of the tricks, so they don't need to spend all that time figuring it out for themselves.' Writer provides guidance for anyone who wants freedom from the Microsoft Word rut. Its detailed table of contents makes it a handy reference for even experienced word processor users who want to get up to speed quickly and make sure they are taking full advantage of Writer's features. With the complete office suite included on a CD (which you can install on as many machines as you like), this book makes using Writer an easy decision.

Written for intermediate and advanced users of word processing programs, Writer provides guidance for common and advanced word processing...

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