Oundle Improvement Act 1825

Cited as:1825 c. xxxii
Jurisdiction:UK Non-devolved
Oundle Improvement Act 1825

(6 Geo. 4) c. xxxii

An Act for lighting, watching, paving, cleansing, regulating, and otherwise improving the Town of Oundle in the County of Northampton

[2 May 1825]

AMNO SEXTO GEORGII ITe REGIS. Cap. xxxii. An Act for lighting, watching, paving, cleansing, regulating, and otherwise improving the Town of Ozcndle in the County of Northampton, C2d ililaay 1825.3 HEREAS the Town of Oundle in the County ofNorthamp- ton is an ancient Town, and large and populous, and a Place of considerable Thoroughfare, and the several Streets, Lanes, Entries, and other public Passages and Places within the same are not sufficiently paved, cleansed, lighted, or watched, and are subject to various Nuisances and other public Inconvenien- ces : And whereas Jesse Watts Russell Esquire claims to be Lord of' the Manor of OundZe, with the Rights, Members, and Appurtenances thereoc and to be intitled to the Customs, Tolls, and Duties of and arising fiom the Fairs and Markets held within the same Town : And whereas it would tend greatly to the Saf'ety, Cotivenience, and Ad- vantage, not only of the Inhabitants of the said Town and the Neigh- bourhood, but to all Persons resorting. to and travelling through the same, if the said Streets, Lanes, Entries, and other public Passages and Places were properly paved, 'cleansed, lighted, watched, widened, regulated, and improved under the Authority of Commissioners to be appin ed fur that Purpose, and if' some of the said Streets, Lanes, Entries, public Passages, 01- Places were stopped up, altered, or diverted, and certain Buildings used as Butchers' Shambles and CLocaZ.1 10 c Slaughter 838 6' GEORGII W. Cap.xxsii. Slaughter Houses were taken down, and if all Obstructions, Nui- sances, and Annoyances therein were totally removed, and in future prevented ; biit such beneficial Purposes aforesaid cannot be effected without the Aid and Authority of Parliament : May it therefore please Your Majesty that it may be enacted; and be it enacted by the King's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the Advice and Consent ofthe Lords Spiritual and 'Temporal, and Commons, in this present Commissioo- Parliament assembled, and by the Authority of the same, That the erskmes. Lord of the Manor of Oundle for the Time being, the Vicar of' the Parish of Oundle for the Time being, the Head Master of' the Free Grammar School for the Time being, the Steward of the Lord or Lady of the Manor of Oundle for the Time being, the Churchwardens and Overseers of' the Poor of the Parish of Oundle for the Time being, together with John Adson, John Arnsby, JoJm AsJcJinnz, John Bal- derston, William Balderston, John Ball, Thomas Ball, Nathaniel Ball, William Ball, Thomas Earnes, John Beal, Anthony Bell, Thomas Bell, Edward Bell, William Bodgener, James Brown, Thomas Bulli- vant, Thomas Burton, Clfton Burton, John Campion, Joseph Chadwidk, John Chapman, Samuel Chapman, Mark Coaten, Jeremiah Marlhg Coles, Robert Coles, William Corbett, George Cuming, James Cumber- land, John Cuniiington, John Curtis, Matthew Dunford, William E kins, William Ellis, William Everest, John Falkner, Thomas Fountain, William Fox the elder, William Fox the younger, Charles Foz, William Caster Gates, John Godfrey, William Goodlife, John Greene, Thomas Baggerly Greene, William Hailey, Robert Hames, Thomas Harrison, Nathaniel Haynes, fl'illiam Sanders Hill, Thomas Holditch, William Holloway, John Holloway, John Jenkins, Charles JinJcs, William Johnson, George Johnson, Stephen Kingston, Beniamin Knibb, Richard Ladds, Joseph Langley, George Linnell, Samuel George Leigh, Joseph Lettice, Charles Lockington, Joseph Charles Martin, Henry Page, John Pole, John Quenby, Richard Ragsdell, William Reachlous, John Ridsdale, Samuel Rippiner, Robert Sherard, W-illiam Shilcock, John Smith, Thomas Smith, John Collins Staines, Thomas Summers, Andrew Tale, John Tebbutt, Samuel Tibbitts, Richard Tibbitts, Benjamin Todd, Robert Todd, William Walcot, John Wallis, John Warner, Daniel Websier, Peter Westcott, Thomas Wildash, Charles Frederick Yorke, and their Successors, to be elected and appointed in manner herein- after mentioned, shall be and they are hereby appointed Commis- sioners for carrying this Act into Execution. Forsupply- jnl: ( 'ommiis- sioners. 11. And be it further enacted, That when and so often as the Commissioners herein named, or hereafter to be elected by virtue of this Act, shall by Death, Refusal to act, or by any of the Causes of' Disqualification herein-after mentioned, be reduced to the Number of Forty (exclusive of such Persons as are herein-before appointed Com- missioners by virtue of their Offices or Situations as aforesaid), it shall be lawliil for the surviving or remaining Commissioners, and they are hereby empowered at any Meeting to be held for that Purpose in pursuance of this Act, to elect and appoint some other Person or Persons, to the Number of Ten, in the Place or Stead of such Com- missioner or Commissioners so dying, refusing, or becoming inca- pable or disqualified to act as herein-before mentioned ; and Notice in Writing or printed, signed by the Clerk or Clerks for the Time 4 being cap. xxxii. being of the said C'omwissiqners, or by any Five or mar6 of tiit: said Commissioners, ofthe Time and Place of such Meeting, and of the Purpose thereof, shall be previously given to or left at the House or last Plake of' Abode within the.Limits of this Act, of each of the said remaining Commissioners, Fourteen Days at least (exclusive .of the Day of deliveriiig the sane, and of tlie Day of Meeting) ; and all and every Persoiis and Person so from Time to Time elected and appointed in manner herein-before directed, (being qualified as aforesaid), shall be Commissioners and a Commissioner, and be joined with the other Commissioners, aiid have the like Powers and Authorities vested in them and him in all respects whatsoever, for putting this Act in Execution, as if they or he had been named Commissioners or a Coni- missioner in and by the same. 111. And be it fiirtlier enacted, That no Person shall be capable of Qualification acting as a Cotqrniis&ger in the Execution of this Act, (except such ~~~~~~' Persons as are herein appointed Commissioners by virtue of their Offices or Situations), unless he shall reside within the Limits of' this bet, -and shall really and bondJide be possessed ol'Real or Personal Property, qr both Species of Property taken together, amounting to &he Valwe of Five hundred Pounds above Reprizes, or who shall refuse to act, or shall became Bankrupt ; and every Person, before he shall act as a, Commissioner in the Execution of this Act (except in administering the Oath or Afirmation herein-after mentioned), shall take and subscribe, before some Justice of the Peace acting for the County of' Northampton, or any Two or more of the Pereons qualified as herein-after mentioned present at any Meeting to be held in pur- suance of this Act, an Oath or AfZirmation in the Form or to the Effect following, (except such Persons as are herein appointed Com- missioners by virtue of their Offices or Situations as aforesaid) ; which Oath or Affirmation any Justice of the Peace as aforesaid, or any Two of the said Persons so qualificd, is :md are hereby empowered to administer ; that is to say, 6 I A. B. clo swear [or b&g one of'the People called Quakers, do Oath. 6 solemnly afirtn], That I am really and bondcfide possessed of Real Property (or Personal Property, or Real and Personal Property 4 added together, as the Chse may be,) amounting to the Value of ' Five hundred Pounds above Reprizes, and that I will faithfully, ' truly, and impartially, according to the best of my Skill and Judg- 6 ment, execute and perforni all and every the Powers and Authori- ties reposed in me as a Commissioner by virtue of' an Act passed in ' the Sixth Year of the Reign of' King George the Fourth, intituled ' [here setjbrtfi Ike Title @'this Act.) So help me GOD.' [Or being a Qtsa?rer, onzit the Words 6 So help me God.'] r. IV. Provided always, arid be it filrther enacted, 1hat if' any Per- Penalty on son not being so qualified, or being disqualified by any of the Causes disqualified herein mentioned, or not having taken and subscribed such Oath or Persohs Afirmation, shall act as a Commissioner in the Execution of this acting. Act, such Person shall for every such Ofience forfeit and pay the Sum of Fifty Pounds, with full Costs of Suit, to any Person who shall sue for the same in any of"is Majesty's Courts of Record at; West. mzizster, minster, by Action of Debt or on the Case, or by Bill, Plaint, Suit, or Information, wherein no Essoign, Protection, or Wager of Law, nor more than One Imparlance shall be allowed ; and every Person so sued or prosecuted shall prove that he was at the Time of' acting qualified as aforesaid, or otherwise shall pay the said Penalty and Costs, without any other Proof or Evidence being given on the Part ofthe Plaintiff or Prosecutor, than that such Person hath acted as a Commissioner in the Execution of this Act : Provided always, that all Acts and Proceedings of' any Person acting as such Commissioner, though not duly qualified previously to his being convicted of any such Offence, shall be as valid and effectual, notwithstanding such Conviction, as if' such Person had been so qualified : Provided also, that it shall be lawful for such ofthe said Commissioners as shall be Justices ofthe Peace for the County of Northanipton to act as such Justices in the Execution of' this Act, notwithstanding their being Commissioners under this Act, except in Cases in which they may be personally interested. V. Provided always, and be it frirther enacted, That no Person hall be capable of'acting as a Comiriissioner in the Execution of this Act, duiing siich Time as he shall hold any Office, Place of Profit, or Eiiiployment under the said Commissioners, or during such Time as he shall have any Share or Interest in any...

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