Petroleum Royalties (Relief) Act 1983

JurisdictionUK Non-devolved
Citation1983 c. 59
payments of royalty; anddeliveries of petroleum,the model clauses set out in Schedule 5 to the Petroleum (Production) Regulations 1982 (production licences for seaward areas) ; orthe model clauses referred to in section 19(1) (a) , (d) or (e) of the Oil and Gas (Enterprise) Act 1982 (corresponding licences issued in accordance with previous legislation) ,(3) In this section “petroleum” has the same meaning as in the F1Part I of the Petroleum Act 1998and, subject to subsection (4) below, “relevant new field” has the meaning given in section 36 of the Finance Act 1983 (increased oil allowance for certain new fields) .(4) If any enactment passed after the said Act of 1983 extends the meaning of relevant new field for the purposes of the said section 36 that extension shall also have effect for the purposes of this section.

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