Plumtree Content Server 4.0.

Position:Content Notes - Brief Article

The Plumtree Content Server 4.0 allows everyone in a business to contribute information to the portal, and every line-of-business to manage the branding and publication of that content to portal pages and related Web sites. As a foundation service for the Enterprise Web, it brings intranet, extranet and Internet sites into the portal's global framework for security, navigation and knowledge management.

Content Server empowers the portal's business audiences to submit knowledge-based articles, route employee reviews to managers, publish sales performance metrics, or enter win-loss reports. Content Server allows customers to manage all the information created throughout the Enterprise Web, and to find that information once it has been published.

Content Server features include:

* Templates: for capturing information from authors as well as for presenting the resulting Web pages.

* Workflow: for routing submitted content through the appropriate business process to be...

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