Police Pensions Regulations 1987

JurisdictionUK Non-devolved
CitationSI 1987/257

1987No. 257


The Police Pensions Regulations 1987





Part A

General Provisions and Retirement

A1. Citation and commencement.

A2. Supplementary provisions.

A3. Exclusion of old cases.

A4. Meaning of certain expressions and references - general provisions.

A5. Meaning of certain expressions related to the National Insurance and Social Security Acts.

A6. Meaning of certain expressions in relation to persons who are not members of a home police force.

A7. Weekly rate of pensions and allowances.

A8. NPersons treated as being in receipt of a pension.

A9. Reckoning of service for purposes of awards.

A10. Aggregate pension contributions for purposes of awards.

A11. Injury received in the execution of duty.

A12. Disablement.

A13. Disablement, death or treatment in hospital the result of an injury.

A14. Relevant service in the armed forces.

A15. Alterations in police areas.

A16. Transfers.

A17. Retirement.

A18. Compulsory retirement on account of age.

A19. Compulsory retirement on grounds of efficiency of the force.

A20. Compulsory retirement on grounds of disablement.

A21. Effective date of retirement.

Part B

Personal Awards

B1. Policeman's ordinary pension.

B2. Policeman's short service award.

B3. Policeman's ill-health award.

B4. Policeman's injury award.

B5. Policeman's deferred pension.

B6. Award by way of repayment of aggregate pension contributions.

B7. Commutation-general provision.

B8. Commutation-small pensions.

B9. Allocation.

B10. Limitation of surrendered portion of a pension for the purposes of Regulation B7 or B9.

B11. Deduction of tax from certain awards.

Part C

Widows' Awards

C1. Widow's ordinary pension.

C2. Widow's special award.

C3. Widow's augmented award.

C4. Widow's accrued pension.

C5. Limitation on award to widow with reference to date of marriage and pension in case of post-retirement marriage.

C6. Widow's requisite benefit and temporary pension.

C7. Widow's award where no other award payable.

C8. Limitation on award to widow living apart from her husband and widow's requisite benefit pension.

C9. Termination of widow's award on remarriage.

Part D

Children's Awards

D1. Child's ordinary allowance.

D2. Child's special allowance.

D3. Child's special gratuity.

D4. Child's accrued allowance.

D5. Child's allowance or special gratuity-limitations.

Part E

Awards on Death - Additional Provisions

Dependent relatives and estate

E1. Adult dependent relative's special pension.

E2. Gratuities-dependent relatives.

E3. Gratuity-estate.

Supplementary provisions relating to awards on death

E4. Gratuity in lieu of widow's pension.

E5. Gratuity in lieu of child's allowance.

E6. Limitation on discretion to grant a gratuity in lieu of a pension or allowance.

E7. Prevention of duplication.

E8. Increase of widow's pension or child's allowance during first 13 weeks.

E9. Increase of awards (other than flat-rate awards) by reference to the Pensions (Increase) Acts.

E10. Determination of amount of widow's or child's flat-rate award and increase thereof by reference to the Pensions (Increase) Act 1971.

Part F

Pensionable Service and Transfer Values

F1. Reckoning of pensionable service.

F2. Current service.

F3. Previous service reckonable without payment.

F4. Previous service reckonable on payment.

F5. Previous service reckonable at discretion of police authority.

F6. Previous service reckonable under current interchange arrangements.

F7. Previous service reckonable under preserved interchange arrangements.

F8. Transfer values payable between police authorities.

F9. Transfer values payable under interchange arrangements.

Part G

Pensionable Pay and Contributions

G1. Pensionable and average pensionable pay.

G2. Pension contributions payable by regular policeman.

G3. Additional and further contributions.

Part H

Appeals and Medical Questions

H1. Reference of medical questions.

H2. Appeal to medical referee.

H3. Further reference to medical authority.

H4. Refusal to be medically examined.

H5. Appeal by a member of a home police force.

H6. Appeal by overseas policeman, inspector of constabulary or central police officer.

H7. Limitations on appeals.

Part I


I1. Servicemen to whom Part I applies.

I2. Awards to servicemen.

I3. Awards on death of servicemen.

I4. Application of Regulations E2 and E3.

I5. Servicemen who resume service as regular policemen.

I6. Servicemen who do not resume service in their former force.

I7. Pensionable service.

I8. Pension contributions etc.

Part J

Special Cases

J1. Policeman with a guaranteed minimum for the purposes of the Social Security Pensions Act 1975.

J2. Former member of the Royal Ulster Constabulary.

J3. Former reversionary member of home police force.

J4. Other special provisions.

Part K

Revision and Withdrawal or Forfeiture of Awards

K1. Cancellation of ill-health and injury pensions.

K2. Reassessment of injury pension.

K3. Reduction of pension in case of default.

K4. Withdrawal of pension during service as a regular policeman.

K5. Forfeiture of pension.

Part L

Payments by and to Police Authorities

L1. Authorities responsible for payment of awards.

L2. Funds out of which and into which payments are to be made.

L3. Payment and duration of awards.

L4. Payment of awards otherwise than to beneficiary and application of payments.


Schedule A - Glossary of Expressions

Schedule B - Personal Awards

Part I Policeman's ordinary pension.

Part II Policeman's short service pension.

Part III Policeman's ill-health pension.

Part IV Policeman's short service or ill-health gratuity.

Part V Policeman's injury award.

Part VI Policeman's deferred pension.

Part VII Reduction of pension at state pensionable age.

Part VIII Reduction of pension related to up-rating of widow's pension.

Schedule C - Widows' Awards

Part I Widow's ordinary pension.

Part II Widow's special pension.

Part III Widow's accrued pension.

Part IV Widow's pension in case of post-retirement marriage.

Part V Widow's requisite benefit pension.

Schedule D - Children's Awards

Part I Child's ordinary allowance.

Part II Child's special allowance.

Part III Child's accrued allowance.

Part IV Reduction in child's allowance during full-time remunerated training etc.

Schedule E - Awards on Death - Additional Provisions

Part I Dependent relative's special pension.

Part II Gratuity in lieu of widow's pension.

Part III Gratuity in lieu of child's allowance.

Schedule F - Pensionable Service and Transfer Values

Part I Payment by policeman in respect of previous service other than police service.

Part II Transfers and current interchange arrangements.

Section 1 Transfer value payable by police authority under Regulation F8 or F9.

Section 2 Pensionable service reckonable on receipt of transfer value.

Section 3 Table referred to in Sections 1 and 2.

Part III Preserved interchange arrangements.

Section 1 Civil service and Metropolitan Police Civil Staff service.

Section 2 Local government, Fire, Education and Health service.

Section 3 Other service or employment.

Schedule G - Additional and Further Contributions

Schedule H - Medical Appeals

Schedule I - Servicemen - Increase of Awards

Schedule J - Special Cases - Exceptions and Modifications

Part I Personal awards.

Part II Widows' awards.

Part III Children's awards.

Part IV Pensionable service.

Part V Transfer values.

Part VI Pensionable pay and contributions etc.

Part VII General and additional provisions.

In exercise of the powers conferred on me by sections 1 to 8 of the Police Pensions Act 1976 ( a), and after consultation with the Police Negotiating Board for the United Kingdom and, so far as Regulation H6 is concerned, with the Council on Tribunals in pursuance of section 10 of the Tribunals and Inquiries Act 1971 ( b), I hereby, with the consent of the Treasury ( c), make the following Regulations:-

Part A

General Provisions and Retirement

Citation and commencement

A1. These Regulations may be cited as the Police Pensions Regulations 1987 and come into force on the date specified in that behalf in the Police Pensions (Supplementary Provisions) Regulations 1987 ( d).

Supplementary provisions

A2. These Regulations have effect subject to-

(a) the transitional provisions set out in Part III of Schedule 1 to the Police Pensions (Supplementary Provisions) Regulations 1987 ("the Supplementary Regulations"), and

(b) the Police Pensions (War Service) Regulations 1979 ( e), the Police Pensions (War Service) (Transferees) Regulations 1985 ( f) and the Police (Injury Benefit) Regulations 1987 ( g) as amended by Regulations 5, 6 and 7 of the Supplementary Regulations.

Exclusion of old cases

A3.-(1) Nothing in these Regulations shall apply in a case in which the old cases Regulations apply, that is to say, in the case of an award or payment to or in respect of, or relating to-

(a) a person who retired or otherwise ceased to be a member of a police force before 1st April 1972, or

(b) a person, being a serviceman who did not resume service as a regular policeman, whose period of relevant service in the armed forces ended before 1st April 1972.

(2) The reference in paragraph (1) to the old cases Regulations is a reference to the Police Pensions Regulations 1971 ( h) and other Regulations set out in Part I of Schedule 2 to the Police Pensions (Supplementary Provisions) Regulations 1987, as amended by Part II of that Schedule.

(a) 1976 c. 35, as amended by section 2(3) of the Police Negotiating Board Act 1980 (c. 10).

(b) 1971 c. 62.

(c) Formerly the Minister for the Civil Service; see S.I. 1981/1670.

(d) S.I. 1987/256; Regulation 3 provides that the present Regulations shall come into force on 1st April 1987.

(e) S.I. 1979/1259.

(f) S.I. 1985/2029.

(g) S.I. 1987/156.

(h) S.I. 1971/232, revoked with savings by S.I. 1973/428.

Meaning of certain expressions and references - general provisions

A4.-(1) In these Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires-

(a) the expressions contained in the...

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