Portsmouth and Portsea Water Act 1809

Cited as:1809 c. cxviii
Jurisdiction:UK Non-devolved
Portsmouth and Portsea Water Act 1809

(49 Geo. 3) c. cxviii

An Act for better supplying with Water the Borough of Portsmouth, and the Parishes of Portsmouth and Portsea, and Places adjacent, in the County of Southampton.

[27th May 1809]

ANNO QU ADR AGES IMO NONO GEORGII III. REGIS. Cap. 118- An A& for better fupplying with Water the Borough of Portfmouth, and the Pariihes of Portfmouth and Portjea, and Places adjacent, in the County of Southampton* [27th May i.8og] W HEREAS the Inhabitants of the Borough of Portfmouth and the Liberties thereof* and of the feveral Towns and Pariihes of Portfmouth and Portfea, in the Ifland of Portfea, in the County of* Southampton^ have not a fufficient Supply of good and wholefome Water; and as the faid Town and Paiifhes are become very populous, and the Number of Houfes and Buildings within the fame have of late Year* greatly increafed, the Inhabitants thereof may, in cafe of Accidents by yire, be expofed to the mod calamitous Lofles and Inconveniencies : Ana Whereas the making effe&ual Proviftons for furnifhing a regular and ample Supply of Water would not only be of effential Service, by the better fe- curing them againft the Dangers aforefaid, but greatly contribute to the Health, Comfort, and Convenience of the faid Inhabitants, and be the certain Means of fupplying the Shipping reforting to the Port of Portfmouth with Water : And whereas the erefting and making of Waterworks* Aquedufts, and Refervoirs, in a certain Field called The White Swan Field* within the Borough of Portfmouth^ and the laying of main or leading Pipes from fuch Waterworks, Aquedufts, and Refervoirs, into the Town of Portfmouth^ by the nearcft pra&icable and convenient Courfe through the High Road,' and certain Lands of His Majefty, and into the Town of Portfea, by the neareft pra&icable and convenient Courfe acrofs the faid High Road, and through the Lands of His Majefty, and certain Parts ot Places of or in the Fortifications.of the faid Towns refpe&ively, would [Let* y P&\] $.5 S tend *27 49GE0RGI1 III. Cap. 118. tend to promote the beneficial Purpofes before mentioned : And whereas the feveral Perfons heiwuafter pamed are willing ai?d defirous, at their own E^p^nc^tafer^il amd make certain Waterworks* ands?&er "V^orks, requifiq^^ neeeflary for the Purpofes aforefaid j but, as th&feme cannot be efFe^^d^ithoqt, the Authority of Parliament, may it therefore pleafe Your ft^^fty that it may be ena&ed; and be it ena&ed by the King's moft Jffcc^lfesft Majefty, by and with the Advice and Confent of the Lords Spiritual' aiid Temporal, and Commons, in this prefent Parliament Proprietors affembled, and by the Authority of the fame, That Elias Bruce, Arnaud Namci, Henry Atzvood? Sarah Archer? Elias Arnaud, Herbert Allen? Ann Allen? Arthur Atherley? Thomas Belam, the Reverend John Garrett Bujfell? the Reverend William Marchant Bujfell? Thomas Bonham, William Bartlett? William Baker., William Bacchus? Nathaniel Baker? William Baker Junior, John Bujher? William Brown, yohn}Binflead?Charles Barton,Richard Bur bey? Richard'BurkeyJitnior, John Bell? Edward Brine? William Bur ridge? Thomas $oyes?1fi\litim GroverGarter? Edward Cajhhr? Jofeph Clarke ?Andre%o Clarke? John Collins? jfames Carter, the Reverend George Cuthbert? Jofeph Cave? Jofeph Cave Junior, John Covfins? Roger Callaway? George Augufius Qcilla^a^ William Clay?Ja?nes Clay? Jofeph Corfbic? John Draper Senior, William Deacon? *fante's Deacon^ Sarah Deacon? yohn Draper Junior, Thomas Edgecombe? Thomas Elland? Thomas Charles Flaxman? Sarah Fielding? George Fielding, Henry Fry? Henry Fauntleroy? James Fowler? yohn Godwin? William Goldfon? James Goodeve? George Trenchard Good-enough? William Groffmith? William.Goldjfmh, William Gain Junior, William Garrett? Qeorge? Garrett?, William Grant?, George Grant? IVilliam Gibbins? Thomas Grant? EdwardGifaein) E$w&rdf Gpodeve? Robert Grey?WilMtn. tfoiddet^Jimet M^yi^W^\Wdi? John Holjand Junior, William Harris ~igpkm IJawki$s?,lEdv;ard Iltint, MofetHeather?.Benjamin Hinton? Charles $ohn He&or? Daniel UQwardjThonias Hetiihef? James Hollingsworth? William flaimxbnd?\f{ofm Allen Hickley? Matthew Heath? Elizabeth. HolMngsworth, JamesInnes?Andrew Lindegren? John Lindegren5John Lind?John Smith Leefe? $M\p$GryEbpfcwiby Kem0erLipfc6?nb}\inior,?Jmob Leyi,Tr?vfrs flull Lcthem, Ja#im * dLtini&er?; Thomas, , Mottley? - Thomas Andrew Minchin, William *M(Xkthenm\\Thqfmt Mariner? John Moyle? James, Moors? Thomas Meik, Thmnmnffluromr MerrittfJ Sqmwil Mills?. Abraham Mofes? William Marfh? James Glmries Mvttjgy?, \GeQrg$, Heal? PMHpit $athan? Jacob Owen? John Qwtn? -Akkandm.Qfwdkd? iTiwms Paf$rd James Pinborn?. Thvias Pratt? yLIe&m$w:;Foidden+ WiUtam-PadwickyHe$er Palmer, Ann,jPalmer William Miai,.mom^{&qoi^ J#fe:&^ TM Burley, Roufe, James Read, ?$kma Rdtthmmiffdmes^ Sheppaxd^ Thomas Sharpy {Fhomds Thr^fhar Sharp/: fijymch Sharps Robert Straud,, William Stroud, itahnl'SuHiok iSk0gary.G^rg^ Stubbing?. y$Im {Mortimer Stephen William $kepheard? TTkwnws Seeds?, yohn Smith? Williaph Serjeant? Robert Smithy yohn Henry Sfck&.arf?. John Snook?]1 John Snook, Juipor^ Matthew Snook, yofiph Smi$nrs? John Swithers? Laurence Smith? Ruth Stevens? the 'Honourable Mmtgomerie Stewart? Robert Stokes Sloper? Jojas Henry Stracey? Gregory Tomkins? William Turner? fofeph Kelner Turner? George ^Burner? Etkward Tollerveyy RichardQodman Temple? Charles T ber, Charles Taber Junior, Henry White, Richard White? Thomas Wills? Thomas Walcot, yohn WiBamu William Woodward^ William Parry Wall is, yohn Williams* T&omas Whiiwood Junior, yohn, Weflmore, William Whit thread, George Welch, 49GEORGII III. C^nS. SM 79 Wdcfj) John Withers.^ Levi Za'chariah, Lewis Lazarus Jac&b Zdcharkth, together with fuch other Perfon or Perfons, Bodies Politic;, Corporate, and Collegiate, as now are or at any Time or Times hereafter fhall be or be* come a Proprietor or Proprietors of One or morfe Share or Shares in the faid Undertaking to be executed by this Aft, fhall be and they are hereby united into a Company for the making, completing;, and maintaining the faid Waterworks, Aquedu&s, Refervoirs, and other Works neceffary foi* the Purpofes of this A& hereby authorifed to be made, according to the Rules, Orders, and Diredions herein-after expreffed, and fliali for that Purpbfe be one Body Politic and Corporate, by the Name of " The Incorporated. " Company of Proprietors of the Portfea Ifland Waterworks ;'* and by that Name {hall have perpetual Siicceffion, and a Common Seal, and by that Name fhall or may fue and be fued, and fhall alfo have full Power to purclfafe Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments, to them, their SuccefTors and Affigns, for the Ufeof the faid Undertakings without incurring any of the Penalties or Forfeitures by the Statutes of Mortmain. TL And be it further enabled, That it fliali and may be lawful to and T^e ^mnm for the faid Company of Proprietors to raife and contribute among them- j^-"y^aJnff felves, in fuch Proportions as they fliali think proper,1 any Sum or Sutn^ tjiemfe]VC5a of Money, not exceeding in the Whole the Sum of Forty Thoufand Sum of Mo* Pounds' (except as herein-after mentioned),which faid Sum of Money fhall ey not ex-be laid out and applied, in the firft Place, in difcharging the Expences of ^J^i .obtaining and paffing this Aft, of the Surveys, Plans, and I^ftimates, and -other incidental Expences relating thereto,, and then for and towards tnet roaking, completing, and- maintaining the faid Refervoirs and Aq.uedu&s^ a&d other requifite -.Works and Conveniencies thereto, and- for otherwlf carrying the feveral Purpofes of this A& into Execution, and the faid Sum of Forty Thoufand Pounds fhall be divided into Shares of Fifty Pounds reach, and fuch Shares fhall be, and the fame are hereby veftedin the feveral Perfons, .and Bodies Politic, Corporate, or Collegiate, fo fubferibing and .contributing to th^ fame, and their feveral and refpe&ive Executors, Adminiftrators, SuccefTors, and Affigns, and to their- and every of their proper Ufe and Benefit, proportionally to the Sums they Ihall feverally fubferibe, arid contribute; and all Bodies Politic, Corporate, and Collegiate, and all Perfons whofoever, their feveral and refpeftive SuccefTors, Ex;ecu tors, Adminiftrators, and Afiigns, ^who fhall feverally fubferibe for One or more Share or Shares,, or fuch Sum or Sums of Money,as fhall be called ifor and demanded by virtue of this A£t, for carrying on and completing the faid XJundertaking, fhall be entitled to and receive the entire and net Dif-tribution of an equal proportionable Part according to the Money fo by them refpeftiyely paid, of the Profits and Advantages that fhall and may arife and accrue by the Rates and other Sums of Money to be raifed, re* covered, or received by the faid Company of Proprietors, by the Authority of this A& $ and every Body Corporate and Collegiate, and Perfon having fuch Property in the faid Undertaking as aforefaid, fhall bear and pay a proportionable Sum towards carrying on the fame in Manner herein directed. III. And be it further enabled, That all and every the Shares of and in. Shares to be the faid Undertaking, or the Joint Stock or Funds of the laid Company £e^ria1, of Proprietors, fhall be and be .deemed and taken to be Perfoiial Eftate, Eftatc* and tranfmiffible as fuch, and not of the Nature of Real Property. IV. And $23o Direfting how Sub-fcribert of Shares ftmll *otc. Form of Proxy* Proprietor!* not entitled to vote unlefs poffefled of their Shares Two Calendar Months. No Perfon not entitled in las own Right to vote* except Executors, &£ 49dGEORGII III. Cap.11%. IV. And be it further ena&ed, That every Body Politic, Corporate, or Collegiate, and every Perfon who fliall by virtue of this Aft have fub-fcribed or undertaken for any Share or Shares in the faid Undertaking, his, her, or their refpe&ive Succeffors, Executors, and Adminiftrators,: fliali have a Vote for every fuch Share or Shares, but not exceeding Ten...

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